What video games are you playing?

Played through Otogi 2. It improves upon the first game in every way. There are now 6 playable characters, there are more spells, more variety in levels, and a more engaging story.

I’m also pretty sure bloodborne used inspiration from the game in a particular scene. The similarities are uncanny.


Need to get into this sometime but reluctant to buy fighting games these days until the definitive version is out. :laughing:

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Yes, i understand, too much additional paid content.:roll_eyes:

Finished Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did. But now it’s one of my top 5 favorite PS2 games. Love the sense of adventure and travelling the game has going to different places around Europe and Japan. It’s much like the first game in that way but it loses some of its creepy personality.

They made so many improvements to the gameplay and it now it feels even better going through battles. I still ended up skipping a lot though as you end up facing a lot of encounters wandering around dungeons. And that’s my biggest complaint: many dungeons are just labyrinths so you have to get through by trial and error hitting each dead end.

I have to talk about the music because my god is it good. It’s got an exotic and otherworldly quality about it at times with the way female vocals are used. Almost hyptnotic. In a certain boss theme they’re mixed together with an almost industrial and hard techno beat that just hits different. These compositions are contrasted with some of the most warming and relaxing town themes you could ever hear. The soundtrack is wonderful.

Took me around 45 hours to beat doing most of the side quests using a guide. Feels like a good length for a 2 disc PS2 game.




After about 130 hours, I’ve wrapped up my initial playthrough of Doctor Hojo or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chadley. I have two hard mode minigames & a few dozen combat trials left, one late game quest line, as well as a couple items on each characters relationship checklist, but I was quite thorough with this playthrough. I’ve got about 10 collectibles left before I finish those, and my trophy completion is at 72%. I’m gonna play a little more casually now, but this is still gonna be my primary game until I have nothing left in it. Very excited to give hard mode a spin.

I will be flabbergasted if this is not my GOTY. Can’t wait for Remake Part 3

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just finished up legend of zelda: skyward sword (I’m a fanatic) and now replaying minish cap on the emulator for the first time since I was a wee lass.

I have a horrible habit of not finishing what I start buttttt I’m also working through nier, persona 5 royal, TOTK, FF IX (third time) AND…xenoblade 3. 100+ hour games? no problem!!! (help me)

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Beatdown my way through River City Girls 2. Surprisingly enjoyable follow up to the first game. More moves and characters make it a bit more engaging. And it still has a ridiculous yet fun personality. Music is just as good too with a lot of new tracks and a lot of returning tracks.

Lately Predator Hunting Grounds, but it’s kinda disappointing. Multiplayer is gone, at least for me, so no thrill at all. You can have your own Predator anyway, which is not bad after all.

Started Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. This game looks so good visually. Very impressed with what the RE Engine is capable of. I’ve played the RE Remakes and Resident Evil VII and VIII, but the visuals in DMC5 pop out even more with neon lights and water reflections everywhere.

Never been a huge DMC player but the combat in DMC5 is pretty good. Honestly though, I actually like the feel of FF XVI’s combat more so far. In DMC the hits feel somewhat light like I’m swatting a piece of toilet paper with a baseball bat. There’s a lack of impact. Only like 2 hours in though and I have a lot of moves to unlock and explore.


my life has been utterly consumed by Balatro. that, and Hades II, since it just came out in early access. fun times.


Just finished my Elden Ring NG+9 playthrough with The Age of Order ending. One of the two people I summoned used something against Radagon and Elden Beast, and the last boss fight was over in 1 minute. I was amazed how that was even possible.


Finishing up Xenosaga for Playstation 2. It’s a sci-fi themed rpg with an interesting battle system that requires strategically using points to fulfill certain actions. Smaller actions use less points and more powerful attacks use more points at once. So you need to decide if you want to stack your points for more damage, or do something else. You can also “boost” characters so that they get a turn early.

It’s a very 2000’s era game with its character designs, dialogue, and mechanics. But I think it’s part of its charm. The game’s story is actually quite interesting and touches on some deeper topics like if androids are living beings or not, donating your body to be used as a soldier, and using children as soldiers. It’s nothin special compared to stories nowadays, but it kept me engaged.

The exploration is quite linear, but there are secrets to be found and there’s even a small sense of traveling between planets. Kind of like in a star wars movie. The most fun part of this is finding secret doors and keys to access special items and gear.


Currently playing Jak II and regretting it for its difficulty spikes and checkpointing issues! Super fun game though and another one of Naughty Dog’s great stories!

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I’m replaying Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, but giving hard mode a run, and its largely a cake walk after learning about Hero’s Delights and being inspired by my partner to find fun in skirmishes and kingdom-building (these were my most-hated aspects of the game during my first run through it, but I was more focused on the story as well).

I still much prefer the first game, but I’m addicted so far on this 2nd run.

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Super Mario RPG. It’s short, sweet and whimsical.

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