What video games are you playing?

I don’t have a PC, but I watched some friends of mine play it all day yesterday. They had a pretty stray encounter with a troll early on and managed to take it down by setting the grass on fire. Haha!

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I still didn’t found any troll hahaha, I killed the 1st boss and it was kinda easy

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Cs:s hells jailbreak and unloze zombie escape server
Dota 2

At the moment I’m playing Bravely Default II, it’s a great JRPG game and I’m so addicted to that, I can’t stop playing it, also the soundtrack is so amazing. Revo from Sound Horizon composed the songs for this game.


Ah, me too! It’s probably my favourite RPG series period. I haven’t played 1 or Second in a while so I was hooked hard on the addicting gameplay :joy:

The story so far isn’t as gripping as 1 or Second, but it’s still good. They also upped the difficulty which was tough at first since I’m rusty but after a little bit of sharpening up, I like how it’s harder than its predcessors

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Finally got this asshole lol!! Just Gael remaining now on the SL1 run!!

Also finally playing Silent Hill 2 now…

I recently got sucked back into playing Pokémon Shield again. A friend got the game and I became his pokémon sherpa. I also didn’t beat the DLC, so I just finished up on Isle of Armor and now I’m jumping into The Crown Tundra. I can already tell you I don’t like this new area, but hey, more mons to add to my collection.

I’ve played the first part and I have to admit it was harder for me. In Bravely Default II I’m so over leveld, I’m nearly level 95 and I don’t want to level up anymore. :laughing: But the main reason for this high level is I want to complete it 100%. When it comes to games I take it too seriously because I want to achieve everything. :sweat_smile:

Oh, I never played Second and I can’t say anything to that. I just heard from others that this one wasn’t so great?

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That’s nice! I do envy you a little, the grind in this game is a bit much at times for me. I played Bravely Second before I played Bravely Default 1 so this might make me biased but tbh I liked it a lot better than the first. I think it’s pretty good, they got rid of the horrid boss loop section the first game had which is a huge upgrade in my book. They also added cool new jobs and areas to explore. I also really liked the new characters in the sequel too. The gameplay is essentially the same from the first one (with QoL improvements) so I personally recommend it to anyone who liked the first game in the series.

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Does anyone here play Temtem?

Is that the Pokémon clone?

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does anybody have any “hidden gem” story driven rpg, or interesting mechanic strategy recommendations for pc?

yes lol

People have been talking about this one but I never played it myself:

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Not exactly on topic, but very adjacent to the subject matter. Anyone else hear about this? I was thinking about upgrading to a PS5 from my PS2 but now this has me reconsidering until Sony speaks on this.

TLDR is that apparently digital PS3 games and PS4 games may no longer work in the future if/when a battery in the system dies and when Sony no longer supports their servers. It sounds like for PS3 this only or mainly affects digital purchases, but for PS4 it may also apply to physical discs as well.

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Octopath Traveler.

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I’ve been playing Outriders a bunch lately, as well as finishing up on my livingdex in Pokémon Shield. I’ve also started streaming to try and be a little social while cooped up inside. If anybody cares to watch me play games and see my remarkably average face, you can find me over on twitch here. I usually stream on Thursdays and Saturdays, but will sporadically pop on other days.