Wondering about Akane (D.I.D.)

I don’t use twitter, but hopefully he branches out to other social media someday. A YouTube channel would certainly be wonderful.

Did he get rid of every tweet or has he really not tweeted since May of 2020?

He hasnt

Just making sure. I’ve followed him off and on the past few years.

Seems like I can’t catch a break. The only 3 vocalists I’m interested in are never on social media. Mio, Sho, and Akane… :face_exhaling:

On the bright side, Mio is still active in the music scene.


Very true. Nazare’s return was excellent news. I know Issei doesn’t have the best reputation, but he sure does have exceptional taste for bands.

He’s easily one of my favourite ‘heavier VK’ vocalists and seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth (please note my earth doesn’t involve Twitter so he might just be chilling on there XD). Bring back D.I.D please!

We get one of these threads every year it feels like.


You thought I was joking?

@xxxx Ah my bad, I should have dug a bit deeper on here! Thanks for your help.

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