XANVALA new album, "NIX" release

XANVALA new MV for new song, “NIX” will be released on 1/24



We should talk more about this fucking Genius!!
What a super band!

“NIX” will be released as a digital single on 2/1


Available on February 2nd on all digital platforms

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They’re bordering Xaa-Xaa levels of boring perfection.


No way. I get what you say about Xaa Xaa (they were the band I used to have a bathroom/drink time in event concerts), but XANVALA is super good!

You just have to have more than one try. At first I thought they were boring too but their songs are that kind of song that grow up on you as much you listen to it.

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so good

This is just a weak one, every release last year was top tier, expecting more creativity from the rest of the songs released this year lest they turn into a recycle band like lynch.

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I too am not wild about this one, though I love the name of it and look it just didn’t do much for me. I’ll listen again when I get the digital copy and maybe I’ll have changed my mind. But it definitely isn’t as good as Joke or Desperate. Those songs are bangers

XANVALA’s songs have so far had the opposite of a “grower” effect on me listening to them. Quite a few of their songs I’ve liked well enough on like a first day of listening, followed by feeling like I never need to hear it again lol. NIX sounds pretty good for what it is!

First of all guys this is a song made for enjoy at live as the lyric itself says it. It was made for fans to enjoy it at live because it for raise the voices after it was not possible because covid
The song is very good itself composition lyrics , and there is nothing boring about it . It’s noticiable you don’t like the style of Xanvala for them being really good and that’s boring for you as you said . If VK bands were the half of good than Xanvala, visual KEI scene wouldn’t be as it’s today

All their latest release were really good and not boring at all because they experiment with a lot of different songs.

I think you’ve got something twisted. XANVALA are one of my favorite bands, so it’s not that “I don’t like the style” I like some of their stuff and some I don’t like which is pretty normal for any band, you’re not going to like everything. I feel like they went up a different level in 2022, everything before 月と太陽 wasn’t very good in my opinion.


I liked most releases from last year more too, but NIX isn’t bad either.
But I have to admit, that I laught a lot when I first heard the song. Not because of the song itself, but the way Tatsumi pronouned NIX.
After hearing it life, I think it’s going to be energetic in the future, when the joren figures out, what furi will suit the song exanctly. It was fun to see how reserved they were. XD

new album of the same name will be released on 3/29

Awesome news that another album is coming, can’t wait to see the tracklist. Nix itself hasn’t grown on me much, but I like the name/theme/art so far.

What a tune. Really stoked for this new album

i’m exhausted for them, but excited for this new album nonetheless

New group pic and MV!

They also started to tease the tracklist: