Your Favorite Drummers

I’ve always been impressed by the talent it takes to be a great drummer, and for me a drummer can often be what makes or breaks a band. Who are your favorite drummers?

I’ll listen to any band Sakura is in, but I especially love his work in gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy. He’s a veritable octopus and Kazuma and his supple boys’ songwriting really lets him flex his abilities and do whatever he wants.




I am keeping track of everyone who posts here but hasn’t posted in the favorite bassist thread


On another note
How could I leave this topic without naming Gaku Taura (Crystal Lake)
Here was with A Ghost of Flare, dude broke his drumsticks and just went on with his hand
(It’s a fuckin MV … Mad man, damnit)

And of course Hiroki (C-Gate)

Video is him drumming for Sailing Before The Wind


Oh boy, I love me some kickass drumming! Three names come to mind right off the bat.

In visual kei, the first drummer who perked my ears up was definitely Nero from MERRY. He always sounded like he gave 110% on the recordings, and this translated well to live shows too. My eyes are always glued onto him whenever seeing the band play. Some might say his style’s a bit too “busy” but I just loved his hyperactive attitude. Not anymore sadly, somehow I don’t feel the spark after their 2009 releases… but still, Nero’s an iconic figure for me.

Generally speaking in J-rock, I really enjoy Tatsuya Nakamura, who’s been in tons of bands and projects but probably the most notable was BLANKEY JET CITY. Really vigorous attitude like Nero, but raw power is more emphasised in him I feel like. Not that he can’t hold his own in more technical fields just as easily (it’s enough to take a peek at his various outings into jazz). A rockin’ caveman is how I’d describe him.

Finally, in weirder musical avenues I just can’t help but marvel at the brilliance of Tatsuya Yoshida. Another very prolific and collaborative drummer, he is probably most well-known as half of the insane avantgarde jazz-rock duo Ruins (or in the cult goth band Phaidia). He’s the ultimate mad genius of the underground for me, no contest.


eishin from kaneto juusei


Tatsuya (VIRGE) he’s crazy, Sakura is a legend for a reason, Shinya (DIR EN GREY) , SHINYA (LUNA SEA), Yukihiro, Meto.


Oh absolutely! I love how he’s in at least four different bonkers zeuhl groups.

I had no idea he was in Phaidia though!

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I’m no expert but I really like Jun-ji from Acid Black Cherry/Siam Shade, Nero from Merry, and recently Kagemaru from Zigzag (been watching the drumming videos he’s posting on Instagram and he seems really good).
@Jigsaw already mentioned Nero. From my perspective he’s also pretty cool style-wise and he made me like glasses :grin:

And I’ve been rewatching/listening ABC PVs recently and I caught myself thinking that if Junji wasn’t such a good drummer their music wouldn’t be as enjoyable. You can see him use different percussions too like in this video. And he’s really fun overall and not a bad singer.

Although I don’t necessarily have a favorite.


Yuki, I love to zone out to his drumming even when the band features Hizaki and Kamijo. His style of rhythm is easily distinguishable

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An unlikely “origin story” for sure!

He pretty much blends right in on the old photos…

…but on the more recent ones he sticks out a bit more, haha.

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BACTERIA’s DEN (last month, he was so aggressive so he just literally killed one of the small drums right in the end of the encore…)

MOTHER GOOSE, neurotic doll, dishes and hell tonnes of the other bands, TELL (someday I’ll broke my neck headbanging in front of him, hahaha)

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HAYATO (MdM, etc) is fun to watch.

Miharu from DAMY/Dokuga, hands down.

Satochi from MUCC. I don’t know man, it’s so easy to distinguish his style from alot of other nu-metal kei drummers at the time. His drumming on songs like Daremo inai ie and Monochoro no keshiki (Both versions) is the point where i would say “Damn this guy is underrated”. I mean, his last year with MUCC is arguably his best year. to me listening to MUCC without Satochi is like listening to Korn without David Silveria. (both were going to have more refined replacement later, but it just wasn’t the same without them)


Totally agree with you 100 %.

Satoshi was very very unconfident with his drum skill, which was a big reason of his decision to leave the band.

This guy is not the most technical, he can do mistakes, like speed the tempo during the song ( miya and him seems to argue about this ), but… He got his own G R O O V E, even a simple rythm, he will make it sounds like Satoshi on drums.

So yes the new drummer is more tight ( miya like this ) and more technical than Satoshi, but I don’t feel anything from his drumming, it’s a bit cold. I would chose musicality over complexity 100 times.


Wasn’t the reason why he left is because Miya kept criticizing his drumming skills?

kenji from golden bomber, i know they dont actually play instruments but i still love him

probably tero (vidoll)

Miharu from DAMY/Dokuga

lol ._.