alice nine./A9/アリス九號. are disbanding (?) on/"freezing" their activity from September 3rd 2023 after 18 years + farewell tour LAST DANCE announced

I mean they can re-write same songs in Japanese again, it’s been done. I think a9 tried too hard and never really arrived anywhere on their own, but diawolf actually excited me for a moment. visually it had nice moments too.

They are holding a series of taiban. Can’t believe alice nine/lynch is finally happening, IN THEIR LAST YEAR. Man I’ve wanted this since forever…


last look for their last live, “LAST GALAXY”


Honestly liked their route they were going in the early 2010s but after that they fell off for me. Honestly wouldnt have minded if they went the Neverland route with that fantasy type vibe or something I think they could have done a lot of interesting things with this band. They had a lot of backing but after 2015 they decided to be like yea we are going the jpop/kpop route. I was like :confused:


Always thought they were kind of generic and Shou is not a good singer, sorry.

I can respect that opinion cuz his voice type. It’s not for everyone.

I agree but partially. In my opinion they can be good song writers, especially Saga. The last album is quite interesting. But yes Shou is kind of ruining the vibe. He sounds flat, which is not totally true with their early career, he was definitely putting more emotions in this period.

I used to always try out their new releases.
I think Stargazer was the last one where I felt some interesting song writing.

What would you guys say are their top 3 songs? The absolute best ones! Would love to hear and check out the songs.

I recommend checking out their 2006-2009 best collection to start but if I had some song recommendations these were the first that came to mind. I can’t really pick a best song :sweat_smile:

Alice nine - Mirror ball

Alice nine - Senkou

Alice nine - Cross game


My boys peaked between Gemini and 9 albums, which was like 2012.

I like their heavier side, so some songs you want to check out would be:

Yami ni Chiru Sakura (2005 version)
Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show
Gemini the void
Vandalize album as a whole, was a really great step in their sound from back then.

It’s so sad to see their most recent works, going more jpop/kpop like someone said.

It’s really odd, cause their 2 remake albums in 2019 were very enjoyable takes on their old classics. But new songs I found lacking identity


“Birth in the Death”

“Mugen -electric eden-” :
What is the name o the instrument they use during the solo?

“Merou ni Shizun de”
I like how Hiroto moves at 2:16, honest body language

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Before we lose y’all, can we get some 24-bit goodness on OTOTOY?


Their Alpha album is my favourite, it had that iconic 2007-2009 PS Company vibe.

I’m glad I saw them at least once, but my brain just couldn’t connect the Shou that I saw growing up in the late 2000s and the one I saw on the stage in, I think it was 2020 or 2021. He looks completely different after all the work he had done and is indistinguishable from your random kabukicho host


Tbh they have the money for it lol >.>

Alpha also remains my favorite album, despite them having so many good ones, this one just hits different.

Sometimes an album is the best because it came out when I was 16 lol


ikr? I saw them in 2007 and it feels like a completely different person/band. Sounds harsh, but by going through all these changes over the years, they kinda lost their personality

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They tried to go back to their earlier style (in terms of sound) a couple of times. I particularly remember Funeral. So it’s not about the changes of their style, but WHEN they chose to do so. I think they would have still success if they hadn’t experimented that much after 2015. But hey, that’s how artists are!

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Solid setlist. So long guys, thanks for everything… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ending the encore with the beautiful name <3

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