The English barely makes sense, the Japanese barely makes sense, the whole thing reads like Google translated gobbledegook… It’s perfect

As he said, ‘I am nonsense for honma’ (and his tries to be cool speaking in osaka dialect makes it even prettier (笑)

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Ripping some CDs I just got - this disc is so weird but I love it. A mini-CD, except not?


Looks like the boys are dropping a live-exclusive single about Kyoto for their Kyoto show in April. I was wondering the other day what their next release would be, and I guess this is pretty in-character for them. Maybe a couple of them will pop up on Mercari :thinking: :thinking:


Oh yeah, they’re also releasing one of their huge-ass DVD boxes too!

Features two live performances at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, one on 2021/02/11, the other on 12/04, plus extra live CD and other bells and whistles.


I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the DVDs, but Disc 4 actually contains MP3s of the entire collection, which I think is absolutely awesome. Really cool bonus.

My personal highlights so far are two of the random digest tracks they included: a performance of Haikei=BGM, and an acoustic version of Blue Film. Just excellent. The concept for 15 was something like “energetic and powerful,” and that’s definitely coming across in their live stuff. I don’t know how they still pull it off after so long.

The bonus single is quite nice too. Spacey and dancey.


Kenjiro just announced that he’ll be rereleasing his solo album MAG-NET from almost 20 years ago next summer. Included is a new song featuring Shuuji.

(Also the 15 tour items are on Sakurai Shouten if anyone’s interested)