deadman best album of rerecordings and new music to be released

I am here disc 2 has already sold out twice in pre-order. It’s either a lot of old fans or scalpers are buying them all to mark up on Mercari and Yahoo.

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How? Did someone print it and is trying to get some quick cash or something? That’s really cheap, but it’s not even out yet.

Maverick start to ship early
My twitter it’s invaded by this :joy:

Oh wow. No wonder they don’t have anymore to order since they’re already shipping them.

Wow, better be quick or be dead(man)…

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Pretty sure they’ll be back up on the store for sale after the rush is over.

Blame the Japanese fanbase since the track list was compiled from fan votes.

Description mentioned the CD was listened to once (most likely to rip). There are some who just want to get rid of the physical item after ripping and not looking to make a buck. But there’s still 1 day before the bidding war ends (5 bids so far) so who knows?

Mercari shows sellers in general are not ripping off buyers though.

This preview sounds very very good. They really level up their sound it’s amazing.

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Can’t wait for my copy!

I bet this happened right after you said that lol

The band addressed this in a new interview actually. If I understand it correctly, they purposefully left the last album’s songs out of the picture because they only wanted to re-record songs that were never previously recorded in studio by the last lineup of the band (bassist Kazuya, who returned for the re-recordings along with drummer Toki, can only be heard on the last album).


Disc 2 will be back in stock on the 15th.


OMG the new song sounds badass so far!!! The rest seem to be top-notch too.

btw the album will be up on digital platforms on 2022/01/21 (I don’t think it was specified whether both discs or just the main one, but we can always hope… :’)).


There’s no real reason they couldn’t have made it available digital the same day except to fuck with people and help stores out since apparently aie and maco don’t give a fuck how many they sell from those interviews.

New song has one hell of a groove on it. Also, are aie and mako both singing on doris or are mako’s vocals double tracked? New version of Moumoku + sakura to ame are destroying me, so beautiful.
Very excited, I have regressed back to being 17 years old and being unable to listen to anything deadman related without tears welling up.

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Guess I’ll post this here, Mako was interviewed on TV the other day