DEVILOOF 3rd album "DYSTOPIA" announced

I’ve never had any problems ordering from band shops either and more often than not I do try to order from the bands/labels direct if they ship overseas.

  • Yeah is a bit of a weird one why these guys aren’t on the metal archives. Does anyone know if anyone has tried to submit them for a start? As I find a lot of vkei bands are lacking info on discogs as well, missing releases and the like if they are on there at all. I will add stuff on there myself if I own it but cba doing that with metal archives as well. But I’m just wondering if it’s that simple that noone has submitted them as I don’t see why they wouldn’t be accepted at all. Especially after Oni heavily verging on the more extreme metal side of things.
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We may never get Aisaku’s since he doesn’t seem to care or forgot he should post it somewhere lol

Is it me or does this have a kind of Jujutsu Kaisen vibe, at least from keisuke’s look :thinking:
I’m more excited by their new look than what the album would sound like - if the generic modern death metal cover is an indication.

Idk the look feels very black metal with more flair/vk spiced thrown in there

Last time I tried (at least a year or two ago) they were blacklisted from the site which means people kept submitting them and they didn’t meet the qualifications for “true metal”. It’s not uncommon, I believe Dir En Grey is blacklisted too (even though DSS should have earned them a place on the website IMO). Metallum has always had a hatred for Deathcore and most core in general and Deviloof has always leaned towards being a Deathcore oriented band in my eyes. Amazing archive, dog shit community. The way this album is looking it could get them on the website though. Blacklists aren’t permanent.

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I feel that this will be every sub-genre of death metal mashed together, don’t expect anything black, they just picked a variety of looks, but they’ve never done pure black metal before. I suppose there’s potential for blackened/slamming/death/metal/core. :thinking:


I could see there being some black or at least blackened parts, Mob Rule felt blackened to me and that is the most recent song they’ve released but yeah I’d be surprised if they ever did pure black metal. I’m guessing this album’s sound might be something like PURGE but with the addition of electronic elements.


Edited with the new picture for Aisaku that he won’t post anywhere.



Hilarious that his profile picture is now Super Milk Chan.

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Is anyone still looking for the deluxe version that didn’t get an order in in time?

The month is half over and no pv yet.

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Btw. Just found this in Twitter:
スピード 5
攻撃力 5
軟弱さ 0
演奏難易度 5
激しさ 5
クリーンメロディ 0

You can see everything about the 3rd full album “DYSTOPIA” by looking at this radar chart! !!
(DYSTOPIA ability value)
Speed 5
Attack power 5
Weakness 0
Playing difficulty 5
Intensity 5
Clean melody 0

Posted by Daiki.


Is 5 the highest value? If so, that’s pretty impressive.


Alright, I’m ready to hear this now. They can ditch clean singing for an album, refine it a little more and come back to it later. I was hoping they’d get better at it this time around but let’s see what they think “0 Clean Melody” sounds like.

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In the graphic he shared with it, yes.

Yeah dude forget clean singing, don’t need a DEXCORE clone.

B-b-b-but Ray’s golden voice is what MAKES Dusky Vision :sob:

let the leetle boy SING and keisuke can stick to what he do best


I’m okay with some of Ray singing, but I can totally skip out on Keisuke’s clean vocals.

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