DEVILOOF new mini-album "DAMNED" release and major debut

Meant it as in visual bands going major signals that there’s still some interest in visual beyond the indies scene


Major debut MV and about 10-ish replies, wow…

I can’t remember a single major VK release in the past decade that would have that quality about it tbh.

majoring was a big deal in 200x years, but these days the only thing they’re giving us when signing a bigger record deal is basically nicer recording quality and sometimes a bit better PVs.

creatively no one gives a shit anymore, but the major deal itself doesn’t seem like an end goal for more fresh bands too these days.

has anyone read the book this video is inspired by according to the credits btw?..


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Interview with DEVILOOF


Now when most things have been said and done - would you guys say that their major debut failed? I personally tought the songs lacked personality or anything that make them stand out. Very underwhelming.

their label pitched them a whiskey (?) deal so that alone probably brings in some ok money

music wise they have always been very far from what I would listen to, so I can’t say if that dreadfully boring single was an upgrade or not

“False self” was about a time when we had a lot of problems within the band. It was when our live attendance did not increase in proportion to the response on social networking sites and CD sales, and we felt that we were fictitious.

What were they expecting?
They were aware enough that a huge amount of hype came from foreign fans, enough aware to make a crowdfunding involving them.
But then they are surprised that they are not getting more live attendance? HOW???


we’re about to witness another “real self-kei” scene member facing a similar revelation very soon. maybe we’ll have a bitchy IG meltdown following up if we’re lucky.

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