ex-D’ESPAIRSRAY Gt. KARYU, Ba. ZERO and Dr. TSUKASA "new" band "Luv PARADE" will restart their activities

Session band Luv PARADE has formed back in 2009, the session band has disbanded in 2011 following D’espairsRay’s disbandment

Luv PARADE will restart their activities at 2022/06/20 at Spotify O-EAST with OFIAM, defspiral and Karyu session band

[LUV PARADE members]
with guest Vo. TAKA


I really hope that this is not a april fools
but the images makes it look legit


According to Karyu’s twitter it doesn’t seem like an April Fool’s joke at least, heh.

Weird not seeing Hizumi there with all these ex-D’espa boiz in those various session lineups…


Is it still just a session band or a regular band?

@ me tomorrow if this is real. I am Captain Sus Of Everything today.

On another note, if y’all can do this can y’all at least revive D’espairsRay once? Now is a great opportunity. The stars are aligning. You don’t have to fully commit to restarting activities, but just getting together and gigging once in a while is all I ask. I want new fans to know who D’espairsRay is…


I won’t believe this until it lasts past today.

Especially with the tags, Karyu’s been using for his tweet.

But he also tweeted this:

I know. It‘s just I won‘t put any hope into something after everything I‘ve been seeing throughout the years.
If it‘s something serious, great. If not, I didn‘t put any hope until some annoying joke that I don‘t think is funny (I never do when it comes to stuff like this).

April fool joke or not, the pictures are lit af :fire:!
If this is really happening I wonder why Hizumi isn’t involved at all. I thought he is able sing again as he did a few live concerts with NUL. . Or am I remembering this wrong?

Woah! I’m betting this is real.

sega made an april fool’s joke for yakuza rpg several years ago that turned into a full game, so I guess they’re testing the waters? i don’t recognize the vocal guy so idk what else to say.

let’s talk about that look…

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Vocalist is ex. The Underneath/Transtic Nerve

currently in defspiral lol

He’s still friends with the members but can’t fully sing like he used to, probably that’s why Nul’s songs lack any kind of scream.
It would be hard to sing Despa songs like that, I think the last time he did that was in 2013 for Redrum’s Initium.


It says himself, it’s not a fools day joke, but that it really gonna happen :smiley:

He really missed the gothic metal style doesn’t he ? ^^

Karyu Session Band setlist:

  1. HUG
  2. 熾-OKI-
  3. Marry of the blood (D’espairsRay cover)
  4. Flash dancers
  5. HUG

Luv PARADE setlist:

  1. Toxic (Britney Spears cover)
  2. Poker Face (Lady Gaga cover)
  3. The Hand That Feeds (Nine Inch Nails cover)
  4. BITE THE BULLET (the Underneath cover)
  5. Devils’ Parade (D’espairsRay cover)
  6. MIRROR (D’espairsRay cover)
  7. DEATH POINT (D’espairsRay cover)

Here’s a live report with photos in Japanese:

The next event “DEVIL’S PARTY 2022 Vol.2” will be held on 2022/09/08 at the same venue.


Man, would LOVE to hear the despa version of toxic and poker face




This is an INSANE setlist lmao

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