Golden Bomber's bassist goes on hiatus after his affair is made public

Golden Bomber band’s 36-year-old bassist Jun Utahiroba announced on Wednesday that he is putting his career on hiatus.

Bungeishunju’s Weekly Bunshun Digital magazine reported on Wednesday that Utahiroba had an alleged affair with a woman in her twenties last January, which led to a pregnancy discovery in February and subsequent abortion.

The band’s Euclid Agency label revealed on Wednesday that “media questions” regarding Utahiroba were generally true, and that the situation was caused by his lack of awareness and responsibility. Euclid Agency will continue to provide guidance, advice, and supervision to Utahiroba. Utahiroba stated that he is ashamed of himself and sorry for his immaturity, and that he will deeply reflect on himself.

Utahiroba is a husband and father.



And he just got featured as a guest in the Visual Prison anime. Yikes.


They put the anime on a week break to cut him out of it apparently.

Tbh nothing shocking about it. The amount of times i see male japanese celebs cheating on their wives.

Maybe bunshun should figure one guy out who has never cheated, that would be more shocking at least for me :person_shrugging:


they have been raping our ears with their vile music for over a decade, but a dude gets some puss on the side, and suddenly it’s a scandal? I don’t understand japanese culture smdh

interesting that a similar incident was enough to cancel on femme fatale, but a clown-kei atrocity golden shitter plans to continue their abhorrent musical exercises.


and subsequent abortion


I know its bad but the first thing that came to mind was “there goes their condom tieup deal” hahaha. (they were part of ad campaigns for condoms here, my local kusuri-ya/pharmacy still has their promo up above the item)


Im glad playing it safe didnt work out for visual prison

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What lack of awareness actually? the fact that he was cheating? or the fact that you can get a woman pregnant by having sex??

Because they are popular, thats the reason, look at the shit their “vocal” gets away with. Being married but having a mistress at the same time, or how was that again.

The only one i feel sorry for is his wife. Getting a divorce and bein alone with a child is everything but easy in japan. (to be exactly its is total trash)
Which means she will stay with her husband in the end.


I hate empty stuff like “he will reflect deeply on his actions” because if he hasn’t done it before he’s not gonna do it now


marrying a bloke who has endless p*ssy supply available due to specifics of his profession to me implies the spouse is realistic in regards to the sacredness of their family hearth.

it’s the same realization you have to make if you are eyeing anyone in movie, theatre or even high profile academic positions.

that’s why his gya was smart to abort tbh.


Ooo ooh it looks like the so called good guy in the band (the one who was more down to earth) ended up being a total skeeze like the lead singer. I felt like the whole band changed after the money continued flowing from my generation came out. As a woman past 30, it pisses me off when a man cheats on his partner with someone younger esp after they had kids. Also didn’t I read somewhere that his wife was pregnant with their second child?


Reading the article, I’m pretty sure it says she had a miscarriage, not an abortion? (though he DID ask for one and she didn’t want one, so they argued). I saw someone say he ghosted her too, but ceasing communication after a relationship totally falls apart doesn’t seem like ghosting to me. Sounds like typical affair bullshit :man_shrugging:

He’s still a shithead though



pulls off wife mask to reveal gya, Scooby Doo-style


-Jun Utahiroba, probably


Imagine having that as your PR team. “Well, the accusations are generally true”.

I don’t know, maybe management would defend him more if he were a real bassist.


And to think iori, an actually talented artist was semi cancelled for having an affair!!! justice


Déjà vu. I’ve just been in this place before.

But seriously, you might as well wrap it up for 2/4 at this point.


Maybe don’t cheat then?



As long as the music of a band is ok, I will listen to them (not only for golden bomber). That doesn’t change the fact that Utahiroba is an asshole and cheated with someone younger than him, and he has a wife and children, but this is entirely his personal problem.
I hope his wife recovers soon after this “incident”.
Still, you can’t fuck someone without knowing you’re doing it.


Their 1st PV since the scandal is out and Jun is not even on it:

Same for their latest official pic:

Haven’t found any evidence of him being officially out of the band, but none of his social media accounts have no posts since last year, and, for all matters and purposes, he’s still listed on GOLDEN BOMBER’s OHP and whatever else as their bassist, even tough the rest of the band is clearly moving on without him and even going on tour with no mention of a substitute or support bassist, so it looks to me like some self-inflicted exile. I’m assuming Yutaka recorded the bass lines for their latest record and they’ll be putting on playbacks for the gigs as well. Sounds odd to me. It’s the type of thing that prolly wouldn’t affect no musician’s career in the West…