Hmm, not sure im feeling paying near on 50 quid for one good song at the moment. Like said previously, second hand copies are overpriced and only place you can get it generally is proxy sites which rape you with fees. Unless anyone has any ideas where to get a decently priced copy I may have to skip this one. Shame because i have most of their stuff so far… :frowning:

If you wanted to listen to Adolfism.IV here’s the link for it (YouTube link.)

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Unless you’re really big on collecting merchandise I would probably just pass the Easter single up. Both the album and the single are in need of some brushing up. They’re more of a demo in terms of quality (although the album is much better than the single.)

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Also here’s their first song off Common Era (in case you don’t have it.)


Small world when I see my YouTube channel pop up! LMAO


The legend him/herself. Thank you for your uploads. :grin:

Damn I didn’t know you were the owner of Malformed Box, zeus. Thanks for your service! :smiling_face:

Cheers for the shares jojo! Adolfism IV is a pretty good track, but ticktack is pretty boring (not to mention it has a whack song title) haha. I probably wont get the single just yet, but will keep an eye out for it in case it appears anywhere for s good price as paying 50 quid or whatever for one song is a bit messed up. Haha. Justice sounds alright so will probably get the album, especially as there is a decent amount of stuff on there. Thanks for all your feedback dudes and dudettes!

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Finally got the album and got to say, despitr being shorter than their other albums, it seems like one of their most coherent releases to date. Some really interesting stuff and some proper good composition and riffs! + The usual intense drumming of Issei. Glad I got it, really enjoyed my first listen, possibly more than most of their other stuff.


Anyone order directly through the shop? There’s an option for paypal and it has my address on there. I remember I saw one shop that had paypal, but when I was checking out it said “This store does not ship to your location please choose another” so I assume they ship overseas?

I have ordered from their store to Europe without any problems

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I’m trying to pare down my music on my phone, is there any reason to keep BEFORE COMMON ERA on there if I have literally everything else on there already?

If you don’t mind my asking, what did you order? I just figured they can’t ship those lighters outside of Japan lol and I was curious about the cheki, whether or not they’re the ones pictured or just random ones.

Adolfism III and Risou no Hate and maybe the Owari no Mirai remix.

Don’t worry, I don’t mind. I orderded CD and T-shirt twice. Nothing crazy.

And about Before Common Era, Koufukuron has new vocals but rest of songs sounds similar to me

Many others are re-recorded aswell, issei ruined the drums in saigo no uta