New band "DazzlingBAD" has formed

These looks/demos revolve around the concepts “Dazzling” and “BAD”. Honestly, these songs don’t sound any different from each other, concept-wise. I was expecting a softer “Dazzling” ballad of sorts, and a harder “BAD” version. Idk. I’m really BAD at talking about music.


I didn’t think I could love this band any more than I do but I’m currently having a huge fan moment here :unicorn:∔゜
I haven’t felt this way in a while.

I love this band so much.
I can’t wait to hear more​:slight_smile::wilted_flower:

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The use of strings in 「錆色の海」 remind me faintly of Libravel’s Anarchy Parade off that last mini album.

These are both pretty decent though :slight_smile:

Oh yes i’m agree with you! I listen Visual-kei for 11 years but this is the first band after 5-6 years?? where I’m very taken! ^^ (actually I was quite excited a few years ago even when Misui was formed since I’m a big fan of MoNoLiTh and when i hear Ryu voice I jumped into the past!)

However guys the event yesterday was a great success, a lot of people come to Ikebukuro Black Hole, I hope these people enjoyed their performance and will start following them!

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JRNR will drop an interview with them this THURSDAY!!


So what are you guys thoughts about the interview?

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Out of interest, what questions weren’t answered?

About their “start” “single&PV” “inspiration” “future” and a few alright to ask personal questions.
And my Kanji question isn’t answered :kissing_heart:

But if you have read my past interviews, you kind can notice what kind of non-personal questions could have been omitted.

However, I like to know what people thoughts are about the interview.
Do you mind that it are only these 13 questions? or would you wished to know more about some things? etc.
Because if these 13 questions are (deep) enough, I kind of only ask these to future vkei bands, since these feel most “safe to ask” and want to be answered.

Maybe we should discuss here:

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I have signed and plain -iT- cheki available if anyone is interested🌚 (PM!)

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about the demos
can you buy them somewhere?
will they be released in the next release?

Definitely I also think that it is not her original voice, I feel that it is modified or that someone else sings, that is, a woman. The. Sound of music pleases me but that voice of Idol robot does not hahaha

They’re planning on distributing it digitally

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There are actual dudes who legit can reach a higher range like that of a woman, so it’s very much possible.

It’s a Dude. Not a Girl.

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I just love how when its a “oshare” bad vocalist you guys are all like UGHHH HOW CAN ANYONE LISTEN TO THIS :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: and makes 18241249 memes of it (Oh Mashiro… I feel you…), but when they’re wearing dark clothes and MOM I’M GOTH Make up you’re like “WOW THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY” :star_struck: hahahahah

This seriously sounds like a Hatsune Miku that came directly from Chernobyl.


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Why he’s a pedophile? o.o

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