New vk convert here

Hey everyone, I found this forum recently and I thought I’d join. I’m not usually someone who is active online, I mostly lurk. But I haven’t been this excited about music in a while, especially a scene that is active. I don’t mind that it’s underground since that’s where most scenes started out anyway. And it’s a little bit weird (for lack of a better word) that people are concerned that a scene isn’t popular, I just don’t get why it has to be.

So maybe for an introduction I could mention why I like vk. Well I’ve always been into alternative music - metal, punk, post-punk, new wave, goth and the reason I like vk is how it mixes them all. Other scenes/genres don’t seem to add elements outside of their scene/genre they are in, at least not as much.

Also what kept me from getting further into some of the genres mentioned above is the though guy attitude a lot of them seem to have, especially metal, which is really annoying. And, from a distance, it seems like that isn’t a thing in vk. At least that’s what I’m assuming because of all the androgyny and crossdressing. Although I’m sure there are probably other problems too.

I mostly listen to newer bands, so 2010s and onward. My favorite are Jiluka but I also like Nazare, Nameless, MAMA., gulu gulu, #Botsu, Garakuta, Gertena, Ms.EVA, the gallo, madmans esprit and others. (Although when I say I like a band that means I like a handful of their songs. I rarely dig deep into a bands discography because I just listen to the few songs I like on repeat.)


Welcome to the forum

I like your thinking about the popularity of a scene. I also think each scene has their highs and ups, but how many do actually really ever vanish?
Especially nowadays with the internet preserving the knowledge

So… You like metalcore


Do you now LUNA SEA? I highly recommend you their albums… At least their first four (their VK era)

My recommendations to start are:

PRECIOUS… (1991)

Déjàvu (1992)

JESUS (1993)

ROSIER (1994)

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Oh no not he girugamesh meme, well I guess I brought that on myself with the title. I still have an aversion to them because of it, even though I know I will probably like them.

But yeah I have liked metalcore since I was a kid when I listen to it in AMVs, although I learned that it’s called metalcore much much later. But I’ve never been able to get too into western metalcore/deathcore much but I’m really loving vk metalcore. IDK what it is about it but I think it’s maybe that vk metalcore still sounds positive, uplifting, upbeat. The harsh vocals are great in both wester and vk, but the celans are so nicer in vk. And that goes for the entire song, and even non metalcore vk. Wester ones tend to have to much of a downer vibe.

Oh man I have been obsessed with Rosier this entire week, there hasn’t been a day that I haven blasted it. I love the whole vibe of the song. It’s rock but with a goth element, and that’s the thing I like about vk, how it mixes genres. And the MV is so cool. And I wish I could dress like them all the time. It’s just perfect in every way.
I’ve been meaning to check out more stuff by them but didn’t know where to start so thanks for the recs.



But really…

Welcome! :tada:
Since you like metalcore, I’m going to recommend Crystal Lake’s Helix album. And these singles they’ve put out after it.



Watch Me Burn

They’ve changed vocalists since these came out, new stuff with the new vocalist is coming out on the 23rd! :slight_smile:

Not metalcore, but I also want to recommend Dir en grey’s Withering to Death and Phalaris albums, mostly because I personally really like them :face_with_peeking_eye:


I really like Disobey and the music video is fun. The other songs are good but they’re not exactly my taste, there’s something about vk metalcore that is aggressive but also upbeat, uplifting. And non vk doesn’t have that uplifting part, at least not as much. It’s either too aggressive or depressive for me. IDK if I’m tipping that there is something diffrent vk metalcore or not.
But thanks for the suggestions and I’ll definitely check out DEG at some point with how influential they are. And I also love the Law profile picture.

Not japanese at all, but you know electric callboy?

Sailing Before The Wind?
Falling Asleep?
Sable Hills?
A crowd of rebellion?
Make My Day?

All of them not your taste?

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When I say not my taste I don’t mean that I dislike it just that It doesn’t hit as much. I guess I just like the goth, metal, emo vibes but positive.
And it’s not like I’m trying dislike non vk. In fact it’s the opposite, I’m annoyed that there aren’t non vk bands that hit the same for me, I want to like more bands. But maybe I just haven’t searched enough so thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be checking them out.
But since I’ve only recently started exploring metalcore and you like metalcore do you think there is something distinctive in vk metalcore or am I just tripping?

Oh, you never get into LS until my recommendations?! So Glad to get you inside their music! I really agree, ROSIER it’s such a fantastic song… Really the perfect VK one IMO

Well, if you like LS i’m pretty sure that you would like GLAY too! I give you a few recommendations too:

Flowers Gone (1992)

千ノナイフガ胸ヲ刺ス (1993)


彼女の“Modern⋯” (1994)

Freeze My Love (1995)

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I am sorry, if you should have felt attacked. That wasnt my intention with my answer.

If you want any recommendations, you could check out certain threads

We have a bunch of playlists made from Jrockone for Jrockone XD

We have a thread where users can share their own playlists
You can find my playlist for metalcore inside there

and we got a Best of 2022 which is available on spotify and youtube (the youtube version is shorter than the spotify one)
and we got one for 2021 too (only available on spotify)

I hope you have a lot of fun on the forum and exploring new or old music


Oh no not at all, I didn’t feel attacked at all, thanks for being considerate.

I was just letting out some frustration because I would like for more music to hit the same as vk. Especially because there aren’t that many people into vk and even less into vk metalcore, so the general metalcore community seems larger.

But oh well, there’s still a lot of music to explore so I might find what I love outside of vk too. And the recs are a great place to start, thanks.


Welcome. It gladdens my heart when new people discover it.

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Glad to see a new listener.

Small word of advice, though. Try not to build up the guys in these bands too much in your head. Are there problems within the scene, with the bands, management, domestic fans, international fans? Absolutely, to all. It’s just a bit easier for us to ignore if we stay off Twitter and just focus to listening to the music.