Petit Brabancon - Fetish

“come to a screaming halt” is super calm, no screaming to be found, so far.

no lyric booklet?

the album will be streamed also? maybe the lyrics will be digitally distributed :thinking:



The album is fun, but yeah this is the worst Kyo band lol


Bro, almost all of these songs suck. Pretty disappointing.


It’s all about expectations, because Petit Fetish is a pretty good YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz-esque album.


Looking at like that, sure; but holy shit, Kyo has never sounded more bored and abrasive.

Not sure what some of you are hearing because this slaps, and I wasn’t much of a fan of the EP. It’s most certainly not the greatest album Kyo has ever been a part of but it sounds like an awesome combination of WTD/MOAB aggression and sukekiyo weirdness. Hiningen, Dokuhaku ni Araz is the standout track to me, it’s basically what I wanted the Mazohyst remake to be. I love the doom/sludge/post metal influences and those are some of the nastiest vocals we’ve heard from Kyo since the Tsumi to Batsu remake in 2011. I hope they lean more in this direction tbh, I think it suits them more than the Korn ripoff songs from the EP.

Overall I’m a fan but my main criticisms would be that the production works in some places but not in others (the guitars are still quite flubby sounding). The individual riffs are also pretty basic/forgettable and there aren’t really many standout choruses. But I’d say it’s a solid 7/10 overall, especially since I wasn’t expecting much after the lackluster EP. I disagree that Kyo sounds bored, he sounds pretty energized for someone in their late 40s doing extreme metal vocals.


Better than phalaris

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Not even close

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Ending with Kawaki was pretty dumb, but Pun-chan 'n Pals delivered a perfectly adequate and silly album. Ruin of Existence and Come to a Screaming Halt are early highlights (and OBEY which they probably just won’t ever top.)


The album is fine lol. The songs antz composed are the best on the album, come to a screaming halt is a nice change of pace. I’m glad they’re having fun but it’s nothing special. Doesn’t need to be I suppose.


At this point i think people are just used to hear/see kyo in a ~super artsy-avantgardesque~ mood and that’s what they expect in everything that he’s involved but oh man, i love when he’s just having fun and goes apeshit crazy and also i love the more straightforward nu-metal sound so this just hit the right spot to me, i’m not in love with every song but i’m damn sure most of this is gonna be in heavy rotation for now at least =)


Hey, that’s L’Arc~en~Ciel’s second best drummer you’re talking about.


I’m a BIG fan of ‘Come to a Screaming Halt.’ I haven’t listened to the full record yet, only a few traciks, but that easily stood out to me as an early favorite for me.

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Lmao at the range of opinions of this record, from the worst thing ever to better than phalaris (both wrong btw)


Overall that’s a solid record, especially the MOAB rawness mixed with the sukekiyo weirdness. You can finally hear Kyo having fun after an overly polished Phalaris, as much as the guys with him are enjoying what they wrote/play.

More, it’s unrefined af, which gives that album a genuine identity. Not as epic as sukekiyo can be, but definitely enjoyable.


Does anyone know if the Album version of the single songs are different on the album? itunes won’t let me download the album versions since I already purchased them as singles.


Why is everyone taking this way too seriously?

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