Petit Brabancon to release their debut album "Fetish" on August 31

THE NOVEMBERS bassist is also a support member of BAROQUE and kei solo works. BAROQUE and kei are under free will. BAROQUE is very close to MUCC as well. BAROQUE’s ryo and kei got another band call kannivalism, bassist is sukekiyo’s yuchi.

THE NOVEMBERS vocalist also joined Plastic tree vocalist solo tour as well.

As you mentioned Tokyo Shoegazer’s drummer is Hiroshi Sasabuchi, after resignation from plastic tree, he joined 9GOATS as support drummer for few years. sukekiyo’s uta is from 9goats.


What’s up dog fans, it’s time for another dog toy update!


We need a “What is Love” dog toy too

The black version is sold out by the way
As is one of their upcoming lives
Yay, money

Album release has been pushed back to 31 Aug (at least according to CD Japan, who have my order) :frowning:

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Yes …

Oh god, it doesn’t come with lyrics at all… what the shit man .__.

You know this how?


seelentau’s dad works for sun-krad

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can confirm, am sun-krad

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They’re also selling these on their tour for those who are goth AF even when jerking off