Random thoughts thread


Seniors I’ve faced either are people who had dreams of achieving but learned too soon and now their bodies can’t take it but their spirit is willing so wanting to pass on their knowledge and care like a harsh mother to someone who reassembles a younger side of himself but sees many faults so try to teach them like the miss from to kill a mockingbird but ultimately dies alone from morphine addiction.

or they’re just pedophiles. I know from experience. hard to believe rightttttt?

“Well, though I know I should have done that instead of not doing it, I’m twenty‑seven for Christ sakes and this is, uh, how life presents itself in the ghetto with 8 pakis who abduct 3 Malaysians in Istanbul who are then rescued by police operation after being tormented for 3 days, maybe anywhere, at the start of the century and how people, you know, me, behave, and this is what being me means to me, I guess, so, well, yup, uh…”

The MADNA in general, and this latest ベル release are a breath of fresh air.

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life is so bland these days. i dont have any friends that i can really trust anymore, this job search is just dragging on and getting more discouraging, and i feel like my life is just passing by. i know im a good person and that i deserve to be happy, but it just isnt happening and i dont know how to make it happen.


So gackt announced his comeback.


Just saw that he’s coming back by the end of the year.


Reminder - this just a msg to someone don’t read it will make no sense

Heyyyy slayer I’m from the past - or future? This is just another proof of other proofs that in fact I do get some five nights with sum bitchez oh btw call my name accordingly I’m afraid of paradoxes. I still can’t show you my work but I mean you wouldn’t fucking believe it anyway, this is inconsistent Isint it? Man am I trying too hard slayer? You tell me see at night or a week later, wait I gotta link this too. Btw quit that retarded game too, oh and don’t send me any more pron vids on my alt please pretty please. I won’t lie I miss it but it’s filled with chinamans who added me because I sang in Japanese and 40 yearolds with the mind of child, funny how world works a Somalian kid buried in sand if gratified with the life he’s been given and I have to deal with these kinds of retards. if only I had a better mic I could’ve arranged a karaoke night but you saw how everyone tried to voteban me, slayer I’m scared people will find me and beat me - off. See you later

Reminder - this is just a msg to someone don’t bother reading it.


whyyyyyy has there never been a 007 dating sim, where you attempt to court & get the rare Bond marriage from one of the six Bonds?

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I open the forum page almost every hour for no reason and then immediately close it. So much for addiction.


Is that addiction or just a habit formed over time?

Trigger WarningJust saw the video of the buffalo grocery store twitch shooting that happened the other day and really wish I didn’t. I don’t recommend itTrigger Warning

I need to invest in a back up battery pack. This power outage is bullshit

A habit I guess. I do it pretty much with any social media

I wish that we could get soon lo-fi Bossa Nova SEs into Visual Kei.
I could especially imagine Madna to do it in soon future.

I was looking through completed ebay auctions and came across this listing for a Merry LP. I remember seeing this when it was live and wanting to bid on it, but being a kid I had no money. It only sold for $69 (nice) too.

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Galaxy Broad Shop is under maintenance from 5/9-5/27. What? 18 days?



That’s like wanting to be soul mates with geralt of rivia, man is like genghis Khan his genes spread from the 8 realms and moar.

I forgot how fucking boring it was to forcefully listen to someone explaining their dreams… But I gotta say in mine I saw a very beautiful fox that was prancing, gracefully leaping up and down the soil trying to find prey, but soon left as soon as I caught sight of it.

Seeing a fox means you’re a trickster who always gets what he wants but you’re scum
But a fox running away? That’s almost like the devil himself wearing jesters baboosh.

Oh and just in case slayer if you’re seeing this you pervert go fuck yourself. Man girls these days. Pretending to act gay but ooh no when Ol’ madness pulls out naked twister you gotta voteban me

I won’t lie, I would unleash if there was someone like sayori in this world. Fuck god and damnation. I’m ready to jump the wall of araf just to see her, I would overthrow god and put her in his throne, but then again how long would it last?
Man I’m one of a kind.

Did I mention I never talk irl? I know riiiittttteee? Hard to believe. But then again I don’t blame them but I gotta say, the elderly here are top notch, no temptation, mild mannered. The youngsters look at me like I’m gonna rape their livestock. But on the other hand when I go out to buy drinks they ask for Id and say “you’re 26? You really don’t show your age” and I grab him by the neck and croak out, my breath reeking, “The best engine is in the BMW 750iL,”

Man the nerve of this bitch, keeps talking about suicide and still wants me to talk saying you’re more interesting then I’ll ever be. Fuck Yeah bet you’re fucking soul on it. Doesn’t matter ill never be singled out anyway, I’m free and that’s what truly matters FREEDOM. nothing tastes better then freedom and don’t pull that bullshit “oh but ruya freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you” fuck no, no one gives two shits if you’re writhing on the floor with your own bile. They gotta get home and pick up the extra fucks they forgot to bring with them.

Oh I feel the answer in the wind with the breeze slowly pushing upwards flower pedals, making me look up to the pallete skies and remember how much there is to live for, even if you stand alone. Oh wake me up while I still have the time. The sloth is the least of the problem. Too caught up in thinking of the future, afraid of the second wind of dangers of the forest that lay ahead. or for most people, daydreaming away. Oh it hits them not now but later on when they finally come grips but then the body is feeble, old, used. The spirit is willing but what’s left then? Something to be learned from the japs, always work, do your best, never give up. Truly commendable.

Am I repeating myself? To me mercy is the best punishment you can give.