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lord i beg you for just one ems delivery that doesn’t end in my package being held hostage at the post office


I hit my 1-year anniversary at the company I’m currently working for and my manager said employees get a small reward as a token of appreciation. She didn’t tell me what and to look out for an email.

I got the email and it turns out we get some points to use on a rewards site. I was thinking, “oh, that’s fun. Probably nothing really worthwhile, but the gesture is appreciated” Well, I go check it out, and wth at some of the items.

Utada Hikaru, Babymetal, and Animal Crossing LPs and upcoming video games and random collectors items from Iam8bit? These are the last things I’d expect companies to reward their employees. It’s not like we’re an international or entertainment company either. We’re a marketing company.

Thought I stumbled onto the freaking gamestop website or something.


After many interventions from Professors and loved ones in a unfamiliar country, I was forced to a psychiatrist where I knew how it would end up. I honestly said what I had forced myself through for the past decade and I don’t know if she’s lying or not but told me that “You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met, according to what others said about you, you have the necessary skills to do anything but choose to do nothing” and she quoted three professors when she told me “Your teachers said that you could lift the universities status but everytime you come in the classroom is either towards the end or in the middle and sit by the window gazing outwards” I didn’t know what to say but although I have excelled, refined and mulled over every detail in any esoteric field I hated it to be able to stay in a country paying and storing 10k euros where I was free to do anything after I got my work permit. for me and I hated it, not working just the school life. I told her I worked in labour from catering to construction but was rejected because I can only guess God mightve said to the man when he said “Move along son” its weird how when I tell my age they all say you don’t look like it but its mainly because when other workers talk to me which is mostly syrians and Afghans I tell them I’m actually an English teacher and they all say the same thing “Why?” as in why are you here. The psychiatrist said that “Although you are special you want to be normal” at first she misunderstood me a lot but as we talked along I think she was surprised and I think I gave her hope. I asked her how I could be better and in the near future how I wanted a chance to do more give more to others who never had anything. She only said that “you put yourself through a lot of stress and trouble” I told her my side of views and how among the faceless crowd there was a couple of people who meant a lot to me. I… Wish I was better to them. When word came to my parent I told her I only said that they made their best to raise me in a politically and economically unstable country and asked if there was any turmoil I was honest It wasn’t all flowers and dandies. I believe I said this before any dog that hears my words would turn rabid. Foaming at the mouth. I kept saying if anyone normal would take a scum like me’s Place they would’ve ran away. I never noticed just how cruel I was. But seeing that I nevermind what words or labour they put me through I never had ill intent, or maybe I never cared. But human beings no matter how misunderstood or even unwanted would falter if you said the same thing a thousand fold over. I believe this is like a compliment when I can hear both of them phase in and out when she said “you have no idea what you’re capable of” I asked her for help but she was honest enough to say “A choice like this is just like you said, it will shape your life. I can’t make it for you”
I honestly expected her to say to my superiors that I had like a multiple personality disorder but compared to examples I made her believe I think. It was weird because there was like a line while I was waiting I heard a lot of screaming and crying there was a woman who after like an hour of talk sent her straight to the psychiatrist for uppers or downers, I think she caught on and maybe taunted me I just said “if you put the country through a pshyce exam half of it would be psychopaths, or what they call democracy or californication would mean nothing if you put the people hungry for 3 days and see how ravenous they turn. Plunging a knife to your throat to take what little you have left” I think she was happy to see someone down to earth, brutal but balancing with grandeur of dillusions in my case dreams. Things that will never happen.
I think she purged all her egotistical, God or messiah complex thoughts when i said “There are people, beautiful people, who are more than I will ever be, I can’t do this alone, I want to find them I want them to bring hope because there’s only so much I can do, I saw how they look at me when I told the same.” I think she was surprised when I told her that as if its been the first time I’ve was cared for, maybe, I don’t know I don’t care, I just don’t want to be lied to I’ve been stoic so far but I just don’t want to be lied, I just want a chance its asking awfully lot from strangers but will you pray for me? I know it’s a dangerous world but how did we become so disconnected? Dreaming of confiding but never doing it when we have the chance. That’s all I want a chance I don’t care if it leads to my death I want to see those people again I want to see hope again, God gives the best road for us but I would rather wither away if it meant standing here doing nothing, what do I have to go back for? What do I have to live for? I’m pretty weird huh? Scum like me doesn’t deserve her love. I believe right now all I have to do is keep my intentions and faith straight and unwavering. And I hope I will see those who have changed me again. I believe so. I tried to talk with God to no avail, calling him in and out of nowhere, said if you won’t save me please don’t waste my time.

Noice. My company just does the whole gift-card thing for anniversaries/birthdays/etc., but that’s quite the interesting webshop. Your company’s age-range must skew more into the millennial territory. Either that, or your manager is based.

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Proly the latter lol. I guess it’s possible there are lot of millennials working here. I haven’t really seen any of em though. Most people that I interact with (which isn’t a lot) are at least 1 generation above me. It just blows my mind that the place I prepare presentations and attend meetings is the same place I can preorder a switch copy of Nier Automata.

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But aren’t millenials people who are in their 30s and 40s? How old are your co-workers, 50+?

Officially, my most hated brand of people are neurologists. I hate sexist incels, political extremists and gangster apologists. But they do not come even close to neurologists…

Jesus Christ how come 9 outta 10 neurologists fucking suck. They literally have no idea of how their subject functions.

While we are at it my newest favorite curse is “I hope you end up neurologically sick” . It’s possible. It’s scary.

That bangyaru moment when bandoman is being nice with you (well… if making compliments every time we meet and sending pm in Twitter is something that I can understand as “being nice”?), and you can’t help but feeling like you’re falling in love :clown_face: ugh…

I’ve never thought that digging patatoes would be fun thing huh…


Isn’t it fun? I tried that for the first time last year at a farm. It’s the best feeling when you pick up a good cluster of potatoes. What kind of potatoes did you dig up? The farm I went to had golden yukon and red potatoes

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I don’t know what kind they are but they were one of the early ones if I remember correctly. When you see the buckets full of small raund potatoes you feel like “yay I’m digging patatoes hehhehe and the buckets are fuuuuull”.

Lol if u enjoy digging potatoes then u really have no clue how it feels like after doing that shit from dawn till dusk few days in a row
/childhood trauma rant


Yeah, seeing a full bucket of potatoes feels good. And they taste so much better fresh :tongue:

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Doing that all day does not sound fun. I only did it for like, 15min to fill up one bucket. From sun to sun down would be rough

It was just one hour for me, I was just helping some old villagers. But digging all day souds extreme to me, I’m lazy ass. I hope you didn’t lost interest in eating potatoes in the end.

Haha, it would take much more than that to make me lose interest in eating potatoes

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Ramen bowls are quite versatile. You can use them as intended for soupy meals, but can also work a fruit bowl, serving plate, using it to prepare bagels and found the seeds to not fall everywhere and instead funnels to the middle. Only need plates now for meals that require cutting but since I tend to prepare my meals in bitesize pieces I never need them nowadays.

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I really want a cigarette :frowning:

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I wonder if you can rent a boyfriend in any other country but Japan. These guys can commercialize anything you could think of… Would at least try to practice on my conversation skills if I could afford it and did not embarrass myself. lmfao

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