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Lauryn Hill once said, “fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need”, and I assert that we’ve gone so far off the rails that we can no longer discern between the two.

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Fuck my college man !!!
I’m totally fine with failing this year because never in my life have I ever been put off of doing something in my life before this.
Most unhelpful, snide and most importantly biggest bunch of bastards teaching at that place.


sorry to hear that! it will pass i promise!

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Went out this afternoon with a friend. Wanted to put on makeup for the first time in a long time (ever since I started that new job a month ago I made a concious decision to not put on makeup for work since that saves me a lot of time getting ready in the morning) and I felt really cute after picking out an outfit that wasn’t all-black-everything.
And then I wanted to take a selfie on my way home.
Very few things humble you as fast and brutally as the front camera on your phone because man, do I feel hideous :weary:

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All other bands:

“XXX is a technical death metal shoegaze post hardcore avant garde noise band”

All other visual kei bands:

“XXX is a visual kei band”



Omg MiA actually liked a Boys Planet post, my worlds are colliding lol

Why do i think that vk bandomen (or any japanese musician in general) are underestimating the marketability of Youtube, and why they didn’t create something like This:

or this:

I think works well with Quirky-Text Filled japanese style editing and I didn’t see alot of problem with copyright either, seeing that I subscribe to Rides in Revllion’s Youtube channel where they covers alot of old VK songs. Yes you’ve might argue that there’s alot of songs which sounds like a copy of another songs. but it’s more about the personality and the production aspect of it, and I thought that vk fans would love more behind the stage persona, and aspiring vk artist could use some reference point. It could also be a a fun experiment, like for example “Enamel in the Style of D’espairsray” or “Dim Scene in the Style of Uroboros”

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Honestly, that doesn’t have to be limited to Japan either. I could see a niche for a guitarist YouTuber with good tutorials for “How To Play x By y” along with the quirkiness you’ve already outlined.

I know a bunch of band member who have channels with covers etc and also update them

Most bands suck at marketing, thats the first and biggest problem.
A ton of bands also still dont see the potential in online marketing, or in keeping your social media updated.
Just look at the amount of bands that randomly follow people on twitter, hoping maybe that person might go and check your band out.
Tbh i belong to the people that do check those bands out, but how many others just dont care at all? And tbh, even i am sceptical on times when i get some random ass follows of bands.

I understand why bands dont do cover stuff and other stuff to make youtube material, often. Why?
Because its work, a lot of work. Filming, recording, cutting etc etc, then you are constantly working against algorithm. If you dont update, you loose viewers etc. Also the rules for those youtubers got tighter over the years. If you want something like that to grow, it can be a part-time or full time job. And we should account here the amount of bands, that have their band, but can’t live of it, so they still need a normal job.

How much viewers you think that would actually attract?
But sure there is always the question, for what would the do youtube, for fun? to promote their own band?

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My channel had 225+ people before I paused it, so yeah there could be a decent 1-3K market easy. More if you are bilingual or speak English. That I think would be the most difficult part for a specifically Japanese musician.

Isn’t that kind of what Ichika Nito does?

I think it’s pronounced zaza because of the katakana ザ meaning za and ア is just an extra a to speak the sound a longer.

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HeroOfLove aka Keiyuh, an idiot tier MH member has been banned permanently from JRO last month due to lack of common sense on many levels. But he keeps coming back with a VPN, making a new account just to get banned instantly every time.

If you’re reading this, you should realize that you’re no longer welcome here. You never contributed anything constructive but repetitive nonsense/off-topic posts that sane people wouldn’t do. Go somewhere else, and do not ever create a new account here again. It will always result in getting banned.


Please just stop talking.


Jesus Christ I’m at work painting a big houseboat and the biggest spider I have ever seen with my own two eyes just decided to say hi to me and I almost shat my pants and nearly fell into the water. The fucker didn’t even pay to go on a boat ride, does he expect me to just start driving him around?


Narcissistic Parents are the worst lmao.


I recently found out through my “Biological Father” that I am not his child. He had the DNA test results to prove it and I am indeed not his. My Mother trained me in my formative years to vilify and hate this man and it turns out she lied this whole time…and I feel gross. I’ve hated someone for years baselessly, deeply and relentlessly. Based on a lie because she wanted to hurt him and my grandmother also played a part in that. Confronting both of them with this information was a waste of time because they are so ingrained in delusion and deflection of any type of culpability for sticking to lies and dubious selfishness for years. It’s so frustrating being ostracized for not liking my Mothers abusive partner and because I dont go to church, and apparently that classifies as disobedience. I am 25, you’ll never see me anything other than a child. Unsurprising. When confronted about anything they’ve done wrong it turns into a cycle of " Well what about you?! What about x,y & z that has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re discussing right now?!". Being literally spit on by my grandmother has made me really hesitant on ever really dealing with anyone anymore but it’s still frustrating because for a long time, I’ve questioned what I’ve done to them for things to be this way but I had to see for myself that they’re not good people. Talking to them calmly results in them getting irate and increasingly animated, talking to them with the usual energy they give me gets me nowhere. Nothing I try with them works because when it comes to accepting that they’ve done wrong, there’s like a disconnect and they cannot compute.



I kinda feel like that sometimes, but for me it seems like there are not enough songs and then I wait for new releases. Also because I’m not the most patient person, I listen to other songs and forget about them. Later on I remember that I liked that band and fall into that rabbit hole again. It’s like a cycle.

taylor swift is actually releasing a live-limited track, vk’s influence is staggering


it is always the same: I buy sweets to keep myself motivated for work but then the sweets end up being what makes me lose my focus, but I actually never learn

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