Random thoughts thread

I like where I currently live. The rent’s cheap, the location is great and the neighbours are (for the most part) quiet. Moving would be too much of a hassle since the mere thought of having to pack everything makes me wanna cry.
But my bathroom is too small to fit a washing machine, and so laundry day is a goddam nightmare because of the constant runs to the laundry room downstairs :tired_face:

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The feeling when you browse the Twitter of some random Korean Furry VTuber and you suddenly get jumpscared by a L’arc~en~Ciel cover

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Today is a good day


I think I mentioned it before, but I prefer when bands do costumes or makeup or something visual with their act, and it makes them less interesting if they don’t. Sure, the music can be great, but it would have to be something extraordinary for me to bother watching a live performance of some normies in shirts and jeans.

But now that I’m exploring asian metal, I’m starting to develop another bias: against singing in English. When I check out a band like this, I’d prefer them to have something that makes them different from western metal. It can be instrumentation (which is why I like folk metal), but the most straightforward and obvious thing would be singing in their native language. Like, what was the point of me digging up some Vietnamese metalcore band if I close my eyes and they’re basically indistinguishable from a western one? And then I open my eyes, and they’re a bunch of nerds in shirts and jeans. :slight_smile: Like, come on man. I’m gonna need more than that.

I can still end up liking the band of course, but at this point having English lyrics is pretty much an obstacle that I have to mentally surmount to get there.


Can you get away with being a Visual kei bandmember in a Muslim country? not about the morality but more that my country (indonesia) have a Toxic Masculinity Mentality where they absolutely despise feminime looking men (Facebook has some good example) and Extremely Homo/Transphobic. (I myself is a muslim and Extremely Neutral about the whole gender/sexuality thing) like, did you know about the whole :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rainbow_flag:? reaction image? I mean everyone knows that most, if not all of those asian twinks are only gay for pay, yet people still associate VK, KPOP and any of those pretty boys entertainment media as entertainment for LGBTQ+ community. (They didn’t consider the fangirls at all apparently, only gays) I mean there are some indonesian VK band but i don’t know what their relationship with their families look like.