Random thoughts thread

Thank you! I know it’ll go well, everytime I talk to her I have those little butterflies and a very good feeling overall. She told me I look good yesterday when we sent each others selfies (even though we both knew how we look and I already told her that she’s very pretty :slight_smile: )

I’m proud of you! Hope he was positive about it! Well I’m sure he was :smiley:

Distance relations can work out if you guys really want it. I knew a lot of people that worked out. Don’t give up!

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when you say "tanugya talking mad shit", this is the picture that my minds’ eye paints for me:

WELP. I guess I’m back into Visual Kei. Thanks to Kizu <3 Ordered their best-of. All I listen is them lately. Either their latest concert or the rip I got of their best-of. Even burned a cd for my car with most of their songs. Addicted to Lime’s voice :slight_smile:

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Aww, I know very well those butterfly feelings, too and I’d say those are the nicest feelings which you could ever have. I’m happy for you that she thinks like this. I love to read such good news it shows that light exists in this world!

Ahh, thank you so much! I must say, I was proud too and I felt kinda relieved. Uhm, I’d say he was positive in his own cute way. He just has to see his own shining light so I’ll keep saying nice stuff until he sees it! I’ve never met such a sunshine in my life so he’s just very special to me and I care a lot about him because I can trust him everything and that’s really important for me. :heart:


Yup, be proud :slight_smile: It takes courage to share your feelings with someone ^^ I’m glad it turned out good. It’s nice to have someone you can trust. Good luck for what’s to come :slight_smile:

Yup, I changed my mindset and my attitude 3 weeks ago and well, all good stuff are happening to me after a loooooooooooong time which I thought it would never end.

There’s always hope, never give up y’all!


I think of be controlled from the big brother today i was into the Supermarket and a gentleman was spy me with his eyes and his phone then this gentleman is disapear and was nowhere into the supermarket i think is time to fight for my life i think that something will happen to me a day of this year because i have dream already this gentleman and later in the dream is happen something to me! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Aww, thanks for saying this and your positive words. I appreciate it very much! :blush: I’m wishing you good luck as well!

Hmm, I must say I’m not used to feel proud about myself. But I’m trying to be it now though it’s only a little bit but better than nothing, I guess. :sweat_smile:

It was the same for me. I always thought nothing will change or sometimes I often thought things will just change if enough time passes while I did nothing and in the end I noticed that nothing has changed though I admit I got older with time. :joy: Finally it depends on everyone whether they want to change something or not. But I can tell to everyone here that it’s worth trying because you have nothing to lose in life and eventually it will cleanse your mind. :blue_heart:

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@Catness Never lost the Hope we have to Believe in what we want in our lives we have to concentrate ourselves and make our dreams come true with all our power in Love and in Life because if we say to ourselves nothing will happen we have already end our Hope instead we have keep this Hope in everything without losing Love you @Catness! :heart: :kissing_heart:

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there’s an absolute queen on reddit who exclusively uses the phrase “tiktok astrology” as an insult (I stan!!!)… I wonder what she has to say about TikTok Grabovoy Codes:

(presented with a typo, because russian is hard ok)

but I’m too shy to ask… uwu

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The hell is a grabavoi code?

Thanks for your kind words. :heart:

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gravaboi, as in “i can resurrect your children who died in the beslan school siege” gravaboi?

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Whatever happened to PSC? I wasn’t a fan of their bands apart from BORN, so I never really paid much attention to it, but now that I think back on it, they went from being everywhere to just seemingly disappearing. All I know is the gazette “left” (?) and then, what happened? Did I miss something?

PSC definitely still exists, but only in much smaller scale. The remaining active projects are basically Kra and solo artists from moderately successful bands that fizzled out. I guess they just chose not to produce more groups after the scene took a dive. I don’t think the Gazette ever really “left” though, considering Heresy Inc is still a Tomomi Ozaki business. In my eyes, the move was something like a restructuring to adapt to the situation where visual kei and PSC no longer mean that much. The names and company changed, but I bet much of the behind the scenes didn’t. She clearly still owns the band, the music and their souls. But it’s entirely possible that now the members have part of ownership of their own souls through the new company I guess? Who knows tho.


it really doesn’t matter the hell it is, however I’m very amused that pseudo-scientific/quasi-occult bullshit from the poorest outskirts of ex-ussr has penetrated the tiktok brain and went viral inside of it.

that is correct lol


they no longer sign new artists and have sort of gone back to their roots - they started out as a live/event agency.

Tomomi still manages the gazette, they just separated from PSC itself.

Every time I listen to Karma by MUCC I think of how people’s opinions don’t matter, because in the end what matters is how you feel about something

“it’s MUCC’s worst album!” yeah cool grandma now go sit there while I marvel in its wonders


I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed on Friday so I’m getting ready for that. I’m not really nervous, but I’m not looking forward to being high in front of my family.

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Had a horrible nightmare a couple nights back where the drummer of R-shitty came to murder me in my sleep. Woke up in cold sweat looking all around my room for this motherfucker. I don’t even listen to them so I was more than confused about this. Get out of my dreams thanks


thanks for the recommendation. I tried the app and it looked promising.
But I probably stay with Duolingo because I can use Duolingo free (with adds and hearts).
I dislike to need to pay monthly for something.

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I feel that liking very niche things limits my social interactions and possibilities of meeting new people. At this point I just gave up :confused: