Random thoughts thread

Listening to the Merry Go Round compilation album “merrygoround is dead” at the moment. Has Kazuma ever gotten his flowers for his vocal performance? All I can type is simply: DAMMMMNNN!


Its been years that i dont hear HITT…


Dir en grey should collaborate with Bring Me the Horizon. BMTH has already done a collab with Babymetal and the band/Oli obviously have a thing for Japan in general. They’re both eclectic bands primarily focusing on heavier music and with an emotion-first approach to vocals but of different enough styles to not feel redundant. Both bands have a legendary status due to being around dominating their niches for so long.
13 by Dir en grey would already fit on a modern BMTH record with its angsty-but-accessible sound. Compare it to a song like Kool-Aid to see what I mean.
Oh yeah most importantly they both love talking about suicide.

Only if the Kyo × Five Finger Death Punch collab drops alongside it

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Is it real

I fear it’s been lost to time, but yes

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You ever just…


There is a free walk through of the SS Vaterland on the net
It’s not fully finished but looks pretty awesome already

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Its time to watch one of the most iconic soap operas

My mom kept calling Bob the Drag “Xica da Silva” during madonna’s Copacabana show

The Bob the drag queen got that reference :smiley:

Anybody else hold their breath while hearing music that is not up to your taste as if you are trying to avoid some heavy cancerous smoke and would rather take a chance at brain damage due to the lack oxygen for however long it takes for the music to finish than give it a chance to ruin your vibe?


Blank DVD/CD-Rs are either the most scuffed YouTube-tier content (as goes for the audio) or god rarez, nothing in between.

rly wish syndrome did what every other kote revival/nostalgia act has been doing for some time and came back, now that Asagi and other guys (ksk included no matter how much i dislike him) are out of a fulltime commitment with romanian yaoi vampire larp

a new album for example would sweeten the scene up quite a bit…

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pouring over the stellar blade soundtrack (which is a fantastic game btw) and i swear the stalker theme music sounds like the MOST vkei of vkei bangers lmao.

The Germans still haven’t learned!

What topic is this about. Not willing to approve to reading that crappy site with ads so I can’t see anything.

You dont need read the article when the cover just say everything!

I can’t see anything until I consent. No cover, no title, nothing. That’s why I asked.

have fun