Random thoughts thread

I’m super new to vkei and I’m so excited to find more music I enjoy. So far I enjoy some songs from the gazette, sukekiyo, malice Mizer, Lareine, Sugizo, Versailles, dadaroma, zombie, and buck-tick. If you guys have any recommendations based on what I like so far I’d love to hear them! Or like fav albums and stuff. Rn my 2 fav albums are ONENESS M and Dogma. It feels sort of intimidating to get into visual kei and see how long everyone else has been into it and I feel like I’m not valid or something for becoming a fan now. But I’m just reminding myself that it’s okay and with time I’ll learn more stuff along with the terms etc! Hope you guys welcome me well!


Noooo, don’t think you are not valid. Everybody was new to it at some point and vk can only continue to exist if new people get into it :pleading_face:

Recommendations, hmmm maybe D or their vocalist’s (Asagi) solo stuff.


I recently watched Interview with the Vampire (the TV show) and now i’m stuck on Malice Mizer again. No one did it like them. Drink from me and live forever …

Jill is like everywhere and in every band that need a violinist. How can Japan only produce one badass violinist that can venture out of classical music.


Thank you so much :face_holding_back_tears:

I went out for the first time in months with my bff and had an amazing time :sob: we went to a tiny queer/gay bar that did super insane pours ans my bill wws basically $19 for 3 glasses of flavored vodka…

working healthcare i don’t get me time often but i need to set some reset days!

Its nice and scary to watch Mieruko-chan

having to call an airline again in 2024 might be the thing that breaks me

Did anybody else ever get a confused reaction from people outside the jrockone bubble when mentioning that you still buy/listen to CDs?

My coworkers were so surprised and made a bit of fun of me when I said I bought the new CD of a artist I like. Even ask how I would play it. “Do you own a CD player in 2024???” :sweat_smile:

Are we really that outlandish in our little internet corner?


All my dates say the same “who the hell buy CDs in 2024” ? :rofl:

Then i need explain to them the Story of visual kei everytime


I actually don’t own any myself like forever. But there still are DVD/BluRay drives in PC’s. But for this people would need to use something else than the tiny smartphone.

YES :joy: my office clowns on me when i excitedly show my small collection. it’s all in play/fun since we all have our random hobbies

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I’ll occasionally buy a cd if it’s second hand or otherwise a really good release, but I don’t really physically listen to them anymore.

I’ve come across a conundrum in my trip planning.

I told myself this time around that I was going to prioritize meeting Full (Guniw, Nookicky, Shilfee) because Sapporo is so far away from the Golden Route locations that I stuck to the last two trips.

He just announced a noon show on the day right after I was planning on visiting his cafe. Perfect timing, right?

Problem is, I have a ticket to Dream Festival in Tokyo on that day, which starts at 3 pm at Makuhari Messe. Now, I’ve heard of most of the bands on the roster, but I’m only really dedicated to seeing Luna Sea, and maybe Hyde. I’m assuming that Luna Sea is closing out the night, which makes it a little easier on me to decide.

My hang up is that the airports are each a little over one hour away from each venue by transit. So I need to time this just perfectly if I want to catch both.

Guess I’ll be drafting up a DM to Full over the weekend.

I think im gonna just stop dealing with people for a while.

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why is everyone calling it X now i’m losing my fucking mind

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I was on the fence when I made my last post. Thought it would be more “official” to call it X but usually I still call it twitter :see_no_evil:

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a little niche sub where we hiss at the prompt art-wannabe types got so toxic it’s almost corrosive at this point. every other day another fool joins the conversation with clown-tier takes, and moments into this foolery, you can already hear the seething sound of their dumb egos being dissolved by the juices we’ve accumulated there collectively… loving this shit…

locals get literally more and more scathing and sarcastic with every passing day, while the only thing the other side has demonstrated so far is raging, aggro prominence of mental illness in the prompt community (duh), and complete absence of any former interest in arts… which, for a collective of OTT angry, unhinged people prompting GPT-dissertations on why they’re literally valid, is funny on another different level.

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“What’s your morning routine?”
“I open my eyes, keep breathing, and then close my eyes and go back to sleep”
This is one of the few “morning routines” I actually believe.

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