Random thoughts thread

Don’t know why I sleeped in Kagerou for so long.
Just 3, tracks into there Kurohata Album and damn. Good Shit.


No, I’ll name it nekkichi <3

I’m naming my lil’ boy Crazy Danger Nancy Ken-chan and no legal authority can stop me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Lol. Swear to God I was reading through comments of some Genshin Impact video like 2 days ago and there was a comment from someone that went kinda like "oh, you named the main character my real name wow that’s so cool it’s such a rare name I am happy :slight_smile: " and I swear the name was Aeris …
Then it occurred to me that a) that by now there are 23 year olds named Aeris and b) since she was playing Genshin Impact is it possible that her parents somehow hid the origin of her name for so long and just forced her down the path of weeaboo gamerness … ? ? ?

The real mysteries of life. (lol maybe I’ll try to find that video + comment again sometime.)


Holy shit, there was a kid at my high school who was named Aeris too. I didn’t realize that parents really like naming their kids after the kind FF7 girl that gets impaled.

I made a joke about how teachers in 2040 will be like “Okay, it’s group project time! I want Sephiroth to partner with Danaerys, and Naruto to partner with Lady Gaga” but it really seems like the way of the future.

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They actually do. They’re having their firstborn and they go “oh yeah you know what would be a good name for her, the impaled girl whose name is some weird jumbled Earth in katakana and nobody knows how to spell her name even in the game yeah thats the one”.

Lol, it really is, huh.

Also, just so no one says I am making shit up - this video (though in my memories they had said “you named the MC my real name that’s cool” and someone replied with something like “cool I named my MC Aeris too!” so maybe there’s a similar comment in another video … SIGH.)


Their self-titled album is a pure 10 outta 10, solid album

You’re complaining about someone not talking to you to me when you do me the same way they’re doing you. I hate you so much dude lmao.

I never realized there was a single paragraph of text having the exact “people around me when I open my mouth” vibe, but there it is, thanks to olympic drama summary linked by @Rena:

“After a Japanese diplomat told a South Korean cable news channel that South Korean president Moon Jae-in was engaging in a masturbatory fantasy if he thought he would have the opportunity for a summit with Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga during his visit, Moon canceled his plan to attend the Olympics.”


“Will you taste your pain to retain your soul?”

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I’m sleepy

tired of putting up resistance just to do the right thing “‘right’ according to?” rEaSoN

I might as well not post anything else about venues anymore since i can’t bring myself to do quick research anymore :v

Don’t worry we all make mistakes. I was suspecting that they might close that whole area from renovations. Which is kinda good actually, isn’t it? :thinking:

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I’ve been considering going down the Kote-Kei rabbit hole for the first time in several years, and I’d be lying if I weren’t kind of afraid. It’s a pretty big genre, and god forbid I start collecting and end up spending over $1000 a year on physical cds, and a physical collection if hell for a minimalist. I mean I could give them away or just sell them for a fraction of the cost or just charge people for shipping. At least they wouldn’t be thrown away. :thinking:

I’m not even sure why I continue studying abroad (except for the student loan problem), when I feel much better in my home country.

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that’s how I feel whenever I’m back home too, always question why I’m still working in the UK.


Damn, sad to hear that.
Do you have any plans/dreams of moving back home?

yeah, I’m planning to move home in a few years once I’m done with speciality training. what about you? are you moving back once you’ve finished studying?

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