Random thoughts thread

Man, life is hard.


My cat brought in a thorny rose stem and I stepped on it with the soft part of where my toes meet my foot… I felt the kind of pain that breaks minds. It’s 1000x worse than stepping on a lego


I hate red turn signals

I liked my sister in law in the beginning, but her passive aggressiveness and tendency to tell us when we can talk to my brother is starting to get on my nerves. Saying we’re isolating her when she’s the one doing the isolating. I’m lowkey glad she doesn’t want to attend the dinner we’re having this weekend.

omg I’m sorry that it happened, but I can’t stop thinking that『THORNY ROSE STEM』legit sounds peak vk.

your cat is inheriting your own personality tbh.


I have been blasting VK in my room since she was a young cat, so no doubt she’s a fan too


ahhhhh ;_____;

"did you play『my room agony』again over the weekend? cause you know what, I’ll bring you some, right to your room… :clown_face: "


After 3 days of non stop roaming, I have gathered enough evidence that I’m too depressed to continue taking photos, or go out for that matter, or imitation wore off quickly and just I stopped pretending and see this place for what it was.

I think I’m insane. I was still out 3 in the morning taking photos in the ghettos, I mean not even good ones mostly filled with immigrants and junkies, hobos and thieves or people taking a dump but have the common courtesy to turn when I look at them, and I can safely assume that I can navigate through Athens with my eyes closed.

I can’t tell it apart but people really don’t look in my eyes when Im walking, they make way when I dress up like a afghan and act like I’m a serial killer but when I dress respectable I have to dry hump everyone I come across.

I got like 0 8 downers on my first night, people shooting me ice grills but when I look they look the other way, but any human interaction or kindness I got was from police officers, who would’ve thought?

am I homesick? I don’t even like home, but I looooove the weather here especially when it’s raining, but I wish I was alone when it happens, I can’t savour it when there’s people everywhere. Does this still count as experience even though it went just as I expected?

After 4 days I’m leaving, still gotta pick the best of photos, I find great joy when I see prostitutes dress better then most people I see, I mean it would be actually morally better if they walked around naked, not that I care but I just don’t want to be called a rapist when someone leans down and I can see a full moon.

please don’t take this the wrong way but I actually met 2 Greek girls that were fond of me, maybe because I talked about poverty and loneliness most people face here and how people are ungrateful, importance of family to immigrants, and I had to sit through a life story. its hard finding kind people, God I’m such a parasite I even forgot their names already.

People say this alot and it doesn’t hold up value everytime I see it because they no idea what it means, but honestly It doesn’t matter.

Oh and a last note, these guys literally don’t drink water, even in Hindu High society weddings I ask the waiter for water and hands me a Heineken, the other girl gives me a champagne and if I insist they just say “no my friend” with a cheap smile

Like my friend I can throw you in the back of my van and give you a tour of my village.

It makes me really happy that police officers try to help me, I think he just came by because I looked depressed under the lampost, being a police officer is the worst job you can ever have, Im not kidding its universally a bad job.

No offence to anyone Greek I learned things I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.

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It is now time for crab




So American Horror Story actually played the mpreg card this season.

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Finaly my legs are warm
Cats are the best thing… they are cute, fluffy and they warm my legs


generic twitter girlies:

my name is Becca (fae/faeself), I’m a demihuman transrobotic fairybody cervixowner :fairy: :leafy_green: :smoking: :angel:

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I identify as a lightworker (working for the highest good of all beings) and as multidimensional starseed, child of Gaia, and as member of the Pleiadian and Arcturian Forces of Light. My purpose is to assist Gaia and her children (us) ascend into the 5th dimension, as well as to empower all beings to step into their highest potential as divine, limitless and precious souls that they are. I identify most strongly with being a Blueprint Deliverer, Parallel Dimension Whale and Dragon soul, and with my Pleiadian, Arcturian and Sirian roots stemming from my many incarnations there. I was born into the Lion’s gate 0808 with Leo Sun, Taurus ASC, Gemini Moon, Mercury in Virgo, true node Pisces.
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I guess we still need more bacon :open_mouth:


Implore people, esp. if you have headphones with already decent soundstage and imaging, to try out HeSuVi which is a program for virtual surround sound (up to 7.1.) The installation process can be initially a bit tricky, but the cool thing is you can switch from Virtualization, Crossfade, to Raw Front (default LR) pretty easily once it’s running.

Using the gsx- HRIR (Head Related Impulse Response) option which is basically Sennheiser’s 7.1 surround option that their gaming amplifier uses, just without shitty reverb (hence the “minus”), can seriously enhance your listening experience depending on how the tracks were mastered.

Just to be clear, this doesn’t “improve” anything, no increased resolution, etc. This is just a different way to listen to music, and also helpful for gamers I guess (?) Also good to mention this isn’t the shitty stereo pan effect that those “8D” or “16D” videos on YouTube use either.

Good place to start if interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/9o2i81/hesuvi_20_released_eq_profiles_for_different/
https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/9qc25c/71_surround_virtualiser_with_hesuvi/ (top comment)

Good for general device EQ’ing:

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OMG @ this sendai kamotsu look :heart_eyes:


Rough day. Had to take my girlfriend and her cat to the vet and they had to put her to sleep. She had her pretty much all of her life and she’d be 17 next month, so she’s taking it hard and I’m taking it hard after knowing her for only four years. She was a sweet Tuxedo cat with the most original name ever /s Oreo.

I’m an atheist and don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I really hope there’s somewhere nice that animals go when they die because they’re innocent.


Sending good vibes your way my good human
ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: