Since we still don’t now have a dedicated sukekiyo thread:
They will release another Blu-ray their fourth album, titled SALUS, in Winter.

They will also tour in December:


  • 2021年12月9日(木) 【大阪府】Zepp Namba
  • 2021年12月10日(金) 【愛知県】Zepp Nagoya
  • 2021年12月13日(月) 【東京都】Zepp Tokyo


Since this is “Audio & Video compilation”, and not “Video & Audio compilation”, I bet it’s their new “album” and not Blu-Ray.
…But I may be wrong because “Audio/Video & Video/Audio compilation” is confusing as fuck.


Yeah, they switched around the kanji, dunno why.

it’s probably a bunch of live clips + several PVs since they didn’t release any for the recent several singles.

idk what’s the problem with making a separate sukiyaki thread??.. i’d def would prefer not to see a band I don’t care about in the deg thread.

I would agree, but Adoratio and Infinitum were also called as “audio & video compilation”

While Passio, Liquefacio and Luxuria are “video & audio compilation”

This makes me think that the Salus will be a new album, and not a new Blu-Ray.

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I think it may be a new album looking at the Kyo’s tweet.

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Man I hope that they’re talking about a new album. Sukekiyo is one of the bands I care most about at this moment, besided GazettE and Diru.


This probably means we won’t get a new DEG album this year…
Guessing they’re waiting for the pandemic to end before promoting that with a world tour.

Oh well. sukekiyo’s good, too.

Yeah, otherwise they would probably announce something already.

Finally got their recent singles up on the wiki:夢見ドロ触れさせる接触_(Demo_Version)

As with almost all fan-translations on the wiki, they’re the work of my dear friend Kaya. Please check out her other translations/subs on YouTube:


every time they show uta’s little face in luxuria it makes me so happy. whole thing is great.


I live for glimpses of uta’s face.

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It pisses me off that these two clips are better than the entirety of LUXURIA, in pretty much every way :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I don’t care what anyone says about Sukekiyo, but you can’t say their musicianship isn’t top notch.


I hope that Doll singles won’t get into Salus. We still need to get HQ of Rongai and Sesshoku


disagreement. Luxuria is a good BD, he only loses his voice in Zephyr, but it is one of the best concerts they (Sukekiyo) have recorded in my opinion. I think, anyway, that these songs will be later in the BR of Salus

I’m curious as to what makes this “one of the best concerts” they did for you. I mean, sure, the visuals together with the stage design / lights are great, as always.
The tracklist - eh, they’ve had better but that’s not a huge point of criticism.
What disappointed me were the performances with Kyo sounding strained and overworked throughout and the band kinda lacking the energy and focus that made many of their previous lives so memorable.
But most importantly, this has to be one of their worst sounding Blu-rays, even worse than PASSIO actually. And that just destroys the whole experience for me, especially since I tend to listen to audio rips of their live material much more than to watch the actual thing.

It’s a pity, but with all the stellar material they’ve put out in recent years, I’m quick to forgive a miss and very much look forward to SALUS.

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