SALUS might just be the cheapest release they’ve ever done.
If you buy the regular version, you get one new song, one reworked song that sounds worse than the original and a version of the new song without vocals.

Bargain, for the content everyone was asking for… haha.

I don’t mean its price when I say “cheap” x)
In my eyes, it’s a cashgrab. But then again, I’m not paying (them) for it.

As a single release it’s not too different from Anima.

That’s why “audio&video collection” thing is bullshit, and Salus is just that (while Anima was promoted as maxi-single iirc).


Damn, Creeper is catchy af. Like how Mika gets more agressive at the end.


With every new release, I love this band more.

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People been sleeping on Mika since the RES days. He’s a beast.


To be fair, maybe it’s the problem with mixing, but I prefer how he sounds in these live recordings. Like, I didn’t even knew there was double bass part in Koumo chigau mono nano ka, yousuruni until I watched Giji Drippin footage.

10:47, to be exact.

It’s always been about the mixing. With RES a majority of their recordings sounded amateur at best, and with Sukekiyo there’s the issue of balancing all the wacky layers happening at once. Also Tue Madsen, though I’m not sure if he worked on Infinitum or not.

Edit: Going back and listening to the studio version, the double bass isn’t there at all. Mika added it for the live performance.

Oh, is that so? Well, that is interesting… and sad, because that short snippet is the only live footage of Koumo (I think?).

And yes, states that Tue Madsen worked on Infinitum.

Yeah, I’ve noticed a few subtle changes in the live versions of the tracks. Like the bass for Kugui changes a bit live and I absolutely love it more than the studio version.

have some stupid lip-synched performance of Candis

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Yuchi’s shoes make me quiver.

Feels to me like they’re riffing on the old 80s music show concept.

wasn’t sure if this should go here, random thoughts, or the hot takes thread, but

Vandal from IMMORTALIS is just Hydra 665.

thank you for your time.


I hate you, because you’re right.


I cant remember which song it is of the top of my head but theres one track on that album which is basically “inward scream” the song. Haha.

Reiketsu Nariseba?