the GazettE

Nah man. That album is lame in a not cool way. It’s like this: I know the GazettE is gonna be corny, loud, and fun. Those slower songs can hit just right too. DIM is just lame in all the wrong ways, and Nakigahara plopped right after A Moth Under The Skin is just jarring. The key change is also super questionable. Its just a song full of bizarre movements. Ain’t gonna knock ya for enjoying it tho. It’s got a strong start, I’ll give ya that.

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I respect that, and I appreciate the respect of my opinion too!! With DISORDER being my favourite album of theirs, maybe loud and corny is exactly what I need to get through the day :joy:


oh Disorder is easily the best, no contest


To each their own. I thought Toxic was fine even when it intially released. When Division released I couldn’t tell if I liked the electronic tracks or not. I like the poppier direction they went with Toxic because it sounds like they were having more fun. The electronics are underbaked but they sound like they were written into the compositions intentionally with regards to how they connect and layer over the instrumentals. They flow with or compliment the guitars, bass and drums.

It’s a matter of preference, but I find Division’s use of electronics clunky and corny (minus “dripping insanity”. That song is perfect). Most times they sound tacked onto the instrumentals rather than being incorporated naturally. It sounds like the band wrote out most of the compositions like they normally do and then Teddy Loid just added his electronics where he could. It could just be that the collaboration wasn’t a good fit as I think literally any other album the electronics are handled infinitely better. But again, it could just be a taste thing. For this reason, I would find a Division-fied Toxic disappointing.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about “venemous spiders web”. It’s one of the most fun tracks off the album with its bouncy rhythm, corny robotic chanting, and rock n roll-esque bits.

I’m honestly not bothered by the inclusion of tracks like Red or Shiver because this whiplash is present ever since their first album. By that argument, every album prior to Toxic is an “inconsistent mess”. Disorder has “zakurogata no yuutsu”. Nil has “cassis” and “silly god disco”. Stacked Rubbish has “regret” and “circle of swindler”. And Dim “in the middle of chaos”. Honestly, I don’t know if cohesiveness has ever been a strong point of the band before Dogma.


DIM has aged magnificently in my opinion. Minus in the middle of chaos and Shiroki, it’s a perfect album. And I thought all the singles and B sides leading up to it just elevated that entire era.

I’m a very big sucker for Dark albums and they delivered. Hell even, DIM SCENE still brings chills down my spine.

I don’t go back to it as often as I do DOGMA or NINTH though. DOGMA feels like a proper and heavier successor to DIM, while NINTH is a great blend of everything from STACKED RUBBISH-DOGMA.

As much as I give TOXIC flack, it gave us some BSIDES that I feel don’t get enough respect from the band and fans.

It’s a CRIME that UNBEARABLE FACT, TRUE MURDEROUS INTENT have not been pro recorded or even brought up in Convo much :sob:

DIVISION works well when certain songs are blended in a set. But as a whole? A very forgettable album. I get the feeling the band was zapped of their creativity by this point.


The funny thing is this is exactly why I can’t stand Dogma lol I can’t tell when a song ends and the next starts and it all blends together and looses my attention halfway.

DIM is not as good imo. It has great songs but also a handful of skips. Toxic is memorable and that makes it good. Even the “poppier” songs.

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I feel that’s one the reasons I didn’t enjoy any album after Dogma. GazettE albuns used to be unexpected, each song had an strong distinctive vibe. Go to wild places, be unashamedly wierd, be corny. Ninth and Mass are cohesive to a fault (read bland)


All this talk about the band’s incohesiveness being the strong point makes me wonder if i’m the only one who expect consistency from them.

Whereas i think that some of TOXIC worst tracks is even worst than the entirety of Division Disc 2. Imo, both of the ballads on this album is not as good as Dripping Insanity or even Naraku. (That’s why I’m not so pleased when they decided to include those 2 tracks on Trace 2 instead of literally any other songs like Bath Room or Dim Scene) and not to mention, Tomorrow Never Dies (I wouldn’t mind Required Malfunction as the replacement) and DEVIL ON MY BED. (oh boy) Gabriel and Derangement could easily fit the album. As for RED and SHIVER inclusion on this album, I won’t mind if they include those along with Division Disc.1

The koto breaks in Nakigahara bother me for reasons I can’t even explain.

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the GazettE is one of the first bands that got me into VK in 2010 or so, and Cassis was the first song I happened to listen from them. More songs from NIL were recommended by YT and liked by me, so that album I think is my favourite, along with DIM. It’s not like I like every single track in them though. I kept looking forward to their releases until TOXIC. Besides a few songs (SUICIDE CIRCUS, SHIVER and UNTITLED namely), I didn’t really feel it. DIVISION either. The electronic elements they had begun using really didn’t do it for me.
That said, Ninth and Mass are enjoyable for me. They kind of reminded me of their older sound.

I mostly listen to their freaky matina/eternal stuff (2002-04 but not disorder). also “classic” songs from them like reila or cassis aren’t my kind of ballads and I find them offputting.

nil is cool enough, for stacked rubbish I can’t remember more than a PV song and dim is mid. and for their 10s stuff I guess beautiful deformity has some catchy tunes.

I feel like this should be moved but not sure.

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Finally, someone who gets it. For the same reason Dogma for me is a forgettable album. There’s not much variation in the riffs department so the tracks feel derivative of each other.

I honestly haven’t listened to DIM start to finish that many times. I also end up skipping a lot on it. Especially those interludes.


The GazettE was one of the big loves for me (and everyone else) around 2007-2010, Toxic onward I lost interest. During covid I picked up some of the albums I never really listened to like DOGMA and NINTH, and really enjoyed NINTH in particular. MASS seemed like a waste of time back then but I have given it a chance again, DOGMA as well.

Inspired by DEG, I dream of Gaze touring Europe/The world with a NIL/DIM -sort of tour, that would be golden.


Was a huge fan of the GazettE since 2008 cos of Filth in the Beauty and I was so obsessed with them. But diverted my interest to mainstream music until I started listening to them again 2 yrs ago and still love them. I was surprised that they’re still popular especially among females. They are always the top of my list in my Spotify wrap. I enjoy DOGMA and NINTH and my fav of all is UGLY. I don’t unds why ppl dislike MASS but I enjoy the album too. BLINDING HOPE, HOLD, FRENZY, THE PALE and LAST SONG are the nicer ones within that album. But I agree with everyone that DIM was a disaster.

Their live concerts are lit as always cos of their passion and energy from the audience. But they need to invest on some holographics at their stage.


My prediction for their next album is that I bet Ruki has listened to Sleep Token and we’re gonna have Gazette with trap beats lmao (I’m not being too serious here)


But really though…why can I see this happening? LOL


It’s inexplicable, but it just feels right! :joy:

New single “SLUMBER TICKET” out soon!


Don’t. It’ll actually happen at this point.

RIP Koron