The General Metal Thread

Hey, thanks for this project! I’m usually in the lookout for artists such as this but this one had slipped past my fingers in the weirdest of ways. Forwarded it to a few other people I knew would be interested and we had a blast with it, so thank you for bringing them up!

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Heey! I want to ask you something

Haven’t been too fond of his solo stuff (or the latest Immortal with Abbath), and I’m not too stoked about this either. But it’s good to see him back to his self-aware, over the top and silly self. Hilarious video.

2:41 in the video lol. God damn!


Hahaha looks like he’s having fun. I never gave Abbath a listen. Couldn’t get past the cover for his self-titled with his face plastered across from corner to corner.

Yeah, I wasn’t a big fan of either Abbath or Outstrider. I don’t think they’re awful, just a bit bland. I always thought Immortal’s All Shall Fall was a step in the wrong direction, and hearing that Abbath’s debut album was written for Immortal I am actually glad he got booted. All Shall Fall was mediocre, and Abbath was a worse version of All Shall Fall.

But I love the guy and wish him all well. He certainly puts a smile on my face, and I hope he’s recovered from his problems and difficulties and that his solo stuff does well. God knows he deserves it.

Him getting booted also gave us Northern Chaos Gods which holds up extremely well. Such a fantastic album!