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tbh I can’t remember a single memorable riff after the AHIG album, except for maybe The Devil in I… That said, I’m feeling more optimistic about the upcoming album. I’ve liked the two tracks they released so far. They’re pretty much in the same vein as the last album, but I’ve made peace with the fact that Slipknot has long ago entered their ‘legacy band’ phase so to speak, i.e. I’m not expecting much innovation or surprise, I’m just happy they’re making music that somewhat sounds like them (the quality and lasting power of the songs is another thing…).


New Wormrot album is absurd, i cant even begin describing how gnarly and over the top it is but still has so much diversity for grindcore


Left Behind is such a good track :metal:

I think a couple issues with their current songwriting are weak flow and lackluster choruses. There are sections that drag mixed in with the good sections and it kills the momentum that’s building towards the chorus. And, at least for me, a lot of the choruses have been pretty weak so the song ends up feeling anti-climatic in the end.

The biggest issue I have with the two new tracks is that they only use the beginning riffs ONCE. They’re good riffs and they should definitely use them.

Taking a song like “Left Behind” as an example, the main riff is used throughout the song. That’s a good thing though as it creates a satisfying loop. You know what to expect and so you anticipate hearing it again. The new tracks just kinda keep throwing out new sections so there’s no anticipation.

@Jigsaw I think that’s a fair expectation from a band that’s been active this long. I’m just wishing for them to clean up their song structure a bit. It’s just a shame that they create some great riffs, but don’t utilize them as much as they can.

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Found out about this album because it has the drummer for Ulcerate on it. It’s got that black metal/technical death/post metal sound that’s been trendy the past decade or so but it’s done really well

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New Psycroptic album slaps

Famous last words (Album stories)
So i decided to post about my favorite English speaking metal band. Some people may find this band or pass it off as a typical emo screaming band but honestly there’s a lot more to this then just the styles they decide to use. Based on interviews with the vocalist Jeremy Tollas he has expressed that the band is more intended to be theatrical. Inspirations for this band come from My Chemical Romance, The Used, Panic At The Disco. JT expressed he would like to tour with My Chemical Romance one day. I find this band to be very creative an amazing that they are able to do this. They also tend to talk about hard topics and different life experiences that are based on true stories. Its interesting and this is one of the main reason why i love this band. This post is intended to just compile the stories that this band has told in their albums.

Background info
First a little background for those who dont know who im talking about. Famous Last Words is an American metalcore/post-hardcore band from Petoskey, Michigan who formed in 2008. They started out under the name A Walking Memory but later changed their name Famous last words. Released their self titled album “A Walking Memory” the same year. After they went through their name change in 2009 the band sat down and decided after the EP in 2010 to make concept albums and change up their sound in a unique way. The EP they made was something fun they wanted to do and also to put themselves out there as a band but the real core of this band i feel started after this with their first album called “Two Faced Charade” and afterwards making more albums in a similar style. In Jeremy Tollas creating these concept albums it really set the stage for what this band truly is about in which as described based on interviews each album is like a play or story that is being told. The Incubus is my favorite album for many reasons ill explain at the end.

:warning: Disclaimer before reading :warning:

*Warning these stories describes gruesome events with sensitive topics such as sex, drugs, drinking, death, and violence. Please be advised *

Two Faced Charade
This album is a story about an outcast who has schizophrenia. We find our main character staring into his neighbor’s window, longing for the girl named Elise’s he’s watching to be his. We then get to meet his other personality who chimes in and tries to explain to him how pathetic he is that he stares every day, rather than doing something about it and claiming her. He proceeds to convince himself that he’s not crazy and we’re lead into our next scene (Welcome to the Show). It begins this him following her into town. As we see our main character following his “perfect girl”. He continues to argue with himself, eventually his demented side grows stronger and eventually set himself free (Victim of the Virtuoso). He later finds out she has a boyfriend. He staring into the eyes of a “cold blooded monster born from pure jealousy” at this point. His other personality tries to persuade him and tells him "Nothing but a broken heart. You cast the parts it’s plain to see, I’m just an extra as he takes the lead. The curtains rise to reveal act one the first scene starts the tragedy to come and everyone can tell right from the start there’s bound to be a broken heart.” He starts to gain a little more control as he fights his darker side and thinks “This must be a dream, will I awaken from this nightmare that has taken ahold of me? My sanity has illuded me. It makes me wanna scream…” (The Relentless). He learns of Elise’s lover and becomes absolutely enraged. He thinks to himself “Mysterious, unwelcomed guest… Who the fuck is this?! She was not alone!” He begins to plot of how he will take care of this problem and claim the one he’s longed for so long. “I’ll take him six feet under the fucking ground! Maybe he’ll get crushed and never be found, maybe he will fall or maybe he will drown! Either way I’m sure to take him down!” He starts to hear screaming internally, a scream very similar to the one he feels inside. This scream is soon followed by a voice, the form that his previously mentioned schizophrenia takes ahold (Voices). He comes to his senses and a feeling of hopelessness overcomes him. He starts to feel overcome by rage once more and he and his other personality begin to plot out the perfect way to get rid of their problem. He eventually makes a plan, when the boyfriend is about to go on a business trip, the main character stops him outside and acts concerned. It seems as if the boyfriend was heavily drunk. He knocks him out and hides the boyfriends body to a abandoned room, and proceeds to murder the boyfriend (Legends and Legacies). He hesitantly cut up the body, and then bury it into the ground (To Play Hide and Seek With Jealousy). Afterwards, he uses the boyfriend’s phone to text Elise, in the perspective of the boyfriend telling her that they’re done for, and that the stress of this job that the boyfriend took was too much. Elise gets heavily upset and the next day, when the main character goes over to her house to act like he was just coming to have breakfast, she rejects him kindly, explaining how they got broken up over text. The main character tells her everything is okay, and eventually that he took care of the boyfriend (Searching for a Home). She gets extremely confused when he says this, and once the main character realizes this, he runs back to his house, with Elise on his tail. She walks into the house, and into his bedroom, where the main character is (Even A Ghost Has A Sanctuary). She sees the bloodied knife and turns to the door, smelling the stench of blood and bleach. She walks into the bathroom and sees the blood, and the main character reassures her that he took care of her boyfriend, and that it’s all okay. After she calls him a monster, He tries to convince her that he has done it all for her and she argues that he did it for himself and tells him how sick he is. “Don’t be afraid open your eyes, you may be in for a surprise. The light is closer than it may seem.” he grows extremely angry and yells at her that he did this all of her and himself, before she says he did it all for him. He smashes her head into the wall vigorously, before realizing what he’s doing and stopping himself. Realizing he just accidentally killed Elise, he turns to the mirror and tells the “inner-demon” that he had messed up his life, before the main character cuts himself down the wrist, killing himself. (The Show Must Go On, Prt. 1 and 2). This story was made into a short film after the video reached 1 Million views.

Council of the Dead
Life after death. It’s a much-debated concept, it has often caused much controversy. Do we just rot in the ground? Is there a Heaven and/or Hell? Are there angels and demons waiting for us? Whatever the case, the thought of dying strikes fear into the hearts of many souls. This is the overall concept of this album. Council of the Dead tells the stories of 7 individuals who have been brought together in death for a special privilege that no other souls get to receive. What these fortunate souls do not realize is that each of them were connected in both life and death. What they all have in common is they each left a loved one behind when they departed. The album tells each of their stories and how they are connected.

Setting the tone of the story note each one leads into each other in a weird way. These people have died and, rather than passing on to the other side, they are in a place known only as the “Land of Deceased”. In this place, there has been a meeting called where each one will get to try to remember their story, explain it and gain some closure by receiving a special gift, not granted to others like them (Letter to the Council/Council of the dead). The first story begins with a woman named Nancy, who slowly lost her mind over the years. She was prescribed medications, none of which worked. “She can’t see through this haze, confusions, delusions, her mind’s in a daze”. She has no memories of her past life because it’s been overrun with dementia. She tries so hard to remember and ended up living a life of dementia and pain eventually, she dies and joins the Council (The Fog). The second story begins, One night Eric and his daughter decided to take a drive out somewhere. They got into the car and were driving. As they drove they entered a tunnel and were hit by another car out of no where. It was a head-on collision by a drunk driver. Eric dies in the car crash while the daughter survives as police later on swarm the scene. She stands before the wreckage crying. Before eric dies he expresses his thoughts and feelings his last moments of life. He’s concerned about his daughter and wants her live a good life and not to just grow up thinking she his just another DUI victim. He wanted her to know how much he loved her and that he didn’t abandon her at all. He also wanted a chance to say goodbye to her and hope that she will live a good life without her father (Hell in the Headlights). The next story is of Jarred who is in a warzone. Jerad expresses the environment around him. The air is hard to breath, blood is spilled out with each step, Constantly under gun fire, saving women and children while bringing the fight to their enemies. As he is fighting in this war, he end up staring death in the face by a missile as hits him. Before he dies, he doesn’t go in vain and expressed that he going to take the enemy down with him. As he braces himself for eventual death, he thinks about his brother, Daniel is back home with their father. He expresses that he never got the chance to say goodbye (Brothers in Arms). The story of Daniel who wanted nothing more than to make his father proud. Thinking that he could do just that, he joined a gang. One night, feeling incredibly pressured to prove himself, he heads in to rob a store. The robbery ends up going horribly wrong and as he is about to get caught he says “I’ll take it all, I will take everything, clean out that one-stop shop stock I guarantee, I’ll be on top of the world, I’ll be invincible!”. As he makes his getaway, he’s met with his enemies. A shoot out happens as they get the jump on him, roll down the window, pointed the shotgun out and shot him dead. He died believing this was his destiny a life of crime got himself killed (The Killing Zone). The next story kind is related to the last one. Its about a boy named Zack, who was a friend of Daniel. He knew everything that was going on but did nothing to stop it. Now, with his friend gone, he wants nothing more than his fix so that he can numb the pain. He knows he could have prevented it, he could have stopped him from making such a stupid decision but he never said a word. One night he was doing drugs to numb the pain. He pulled a belt around his arm in search of the last vein. This time, he overdoses and collapses on the floor, never to wake up.(Fading Memories) The next story is about Aisha. She is caught in the middle of a warzone, bombs falling, bullets flying and people being taken prisoner all around her, Aisha is nothing more than a scared little girl who lives oversea and just wants to escape it all. When Jarred’s soldiers come storming in, they save her and get her to safety before meeting their end. Forever her heroes, their legend will live on (The Uprising). The next story is about Bob who is in the same hospital as Nancy. He is being treated for mental illness due to the loss of his family. He is expressed grief and mourning the lost of his two sons. One being caught in the cross-fire of a gang war and his other son having died overseas in battle, he is alone. He wants nothing more than to see his family one last time as he lies his hospital bed, slowly slipping away from a broken heart. His final breath escapes his lungs and, alas, his family isn’t there (My Life Before My Eyes). The last story is of Jake, Nancy’s son. Jake developed a drinking problem after his mother died from losing her mind. One night, he goes driving drunk and hits a car. The car, containing Eric and his daughter, is totaled but the daughter somehow makes it out alive. Not able to live with the guilt of what he’s done, he decides to take his life (One in the chamber). These fortunate souls have been granted a second chance. “‘Cause this is not the end, it’s time now to transcend and start another journey or go back to amend the lives you lived before. You know it’s always been up to you, so now it’s time for you to choose.” (The End of the Beginning)

The incubus
The story begins with a girl named, Christine who is a stay at home mother in the 1950’s. On August 21st, 1953, the dinner table is being set with cutlery and wine to celebrate her husbands 9th anniversary of when he came back home from the marines. She notices suddle indications that he is mentally not well but puts on a smile the best she can to deal with it. As some time passes he leaves on business trips and meetings. She is concerned that her son doesn’t spend enough time with her father. Despite this situation She is still captivated by his charming smile and loves him very much (Trophy Wife) She is asleep and one night and has a nightmare. A man comes into the room as she is tied to a chair. He starts moving her, dressing her and putting makeup on her like a child would with one of their dolls she wakes up in despair and desperation (Pretty in the Porcelain). After the nightmare, her mind is in a panicked state as she is afraid. She thinks to herself that she will be okay and tries her best to ignore her burdens. She feels trapped and that the illusion of glee that makes her seem okay but as more days pass, the nightmares slowly started to destroy her. She thinks to herself and tries to accept that she will live a lie (Bury My Burdens). At this point she breaks and attempts to comfort her husband but is fearful as to what he will think of her lunacy. Her husband says, “I’m sure you’re fine” Cristine says “Do you think im fine?” He tells her “I think you’re fine, But I will run some tests for your piece of mind. I know how hard it can be. At home you cook and you clean. I just think you need some sleep and for the dreams, they’re more than dreams! They’re only dreams. They’re just imaginary, fiction, merely fantasy. I know your scared and afraid But you can’t let it persuade you to feel so dismayed.” She takes a trip to the doctors to run some tests. At the doctors, she expresses her sense of worry and says “I will try Again and again to fend off the fear inside. I will strive because I must survive these involuntary dreams and every time I faint I wake up in pain. This is perplexing and absurd. Tell me please what’s wrong with me?” The doctors test her and tell her "“Ma’am, I’ve received the results of your tests, and it appears you have either Voluntarily or involuntarily ingested a high dose of a drug called Ketamine. Is there something you’re not telling me?” She screams out “No! I’ve been drugged. Taken advantage of It must be what’s causing all these dreams. It’s smothering me, I can hardly breathe, every time I fall asleep!” (Debilitated). She travels back home and confronts her husband to tell him the bad news. He says “He said darling it’ll be okay. We’ll figure out this situation don’t worry.” She snaps back "What?! Don’t patronize me with those condescending words you spew. Your point of view is filtered through your ignorance. I’m caving in! I try to speak but I’m feeling weak. So I collapse down to my knees and cry will I ever see the light again? He wonders “Who could have done this sick misdeed again, again, repeatedly?” She express “Transgression suffers me. Who could this culprit be? My paranoia’s conquering the last hope left inside of me. Disintegrate my sanity. Tear me apart piece by piece.” He said “Darling don’t you cry. Now look me in the eyes and believe in me and the words I say that its gonna be alright. Revitalize your faith in life, to reignite the hope and light in the dark you fear in the night.” She Argues and says "You don’t understand what it’s like to be violated and forced into apprehension every time I fall asleep. Not just when I black out but every night that I dream. It’s a virus in my head for which there’s no vaccine. Her husband continues to try and calm her down and tells her that the same things that everything will be alright. As she continues to express her trauma “Reticent sinful deeds. Threatens my morality. I look around and I can’t see but it feels like eyes are watching me. I panic with anxiety, trepidation and misery. Every night I lie alone in our bed
While you play in the shed with your hobbies, you’re happy and do you know how I feel? I’m lying there crazy. Im pulling the hair out of my head now and my soul it feels dead.” After the conversation he plagued with idea of who caused this. He thinks to himself “Transgression suffers me. Who could this culprit be?” (The Dark You Fear in the Night). As the morning breaks and night time arises its 11:59 as
Christine is lying down in bed as her husband is asleep she is awake and thinks to herself “I want to save myself but now I fear it’s far too late” she gets up and leaves the house. She starts to look through her husbands things outside wondering what she will find. Covered underneath some uniforms, medals and mini model Ts. She finds a picture frame of victims of rape. Some of them just barely teens! and In a silver frame, your latest victim it’s a picture of me!. She says to herself “A dirty secret that you never wanted us to see” she heads back lost in the heavy rain and eventually finds her way and reaches home. She feels abandon and betrayed by the one she loved. She tries to lay down but cannot sleep. She isnt hungry and even when she was she wouldn’t eat. She tries to force herself to sleep and lay down (Eleven Fifty Nine). The next few days she thinks to herself that she has to leave and escape this life because she doesn’t she will feel sick. She tells herself “You’re strong and you can defeat this”. She goes to her son and wakes him up “Honey, wake up I’ve packed your things. We’ve got to go, we’ve got to leave. Our precious time’s diminishing. We’ve got to hurry, WE MUST LEAVE” She attempts to sneak him out the back door but slowly behind the coner she hear ominous footsteps from around the corner. Before he goes she tells him to "Go, run away and get out of here. Make no delays and go disappear. Go live the life that you want to. You have to simply leave me here and son, I swear it’ll be okay. Just as long as you make your escape. Don’t be afraid of the world. Go make your mark and live another day. " He makes his way down the hallway to go out towards the back exit of the house as her husband turns to corner. Grabs the kid and locks him in a closet. He screams “Who do you think you are, trying to leave me? Don’t know who I am or all the things I’ve seen. So take your final dose, my one last treat while you try to scream” (Your Escape). She wakes up suddenly alone in an empty room. She recognizes it as fear and memory of this room sets in it seemed familiar to her. Thoughts cloud her mind as she is fighting a mental battle in her brain. She is afraid to leave the room but she becomes reluctant to face her doom. She leaves the room (Maze in my mind). At some point in the story her husband reports her to the authorities and they take action to stand trail accusing her of rape. The next scene is both Cristine and her husband in the court room. The plaintiff’s lawyer speaks “Ladies and gentlemen of this jury. I’m here today to bring this criminal to justice. One whose crimes are so heinous and evil. That if I had the power of the almighty I’d sentence her soul to hell! You’ve been accused of this horrid abuse. Advocate your lies and hide behind your bruise.” Christine says “I’m not the culprit, I’m the victim of perjury. I swear I’m innocent cause I’m the one who’s-” The plaintiff’s lawyer say “Guilty of the atrocities! There’s her confession, let’s get on with the sentencing” Christine defends herself “That’s bullshit! He’s the one who defiled me” The plaintiff’s lawyer claims “See? She admitted it! Honor you must convict!” Christine helplessly tries to convince the court “So discredit me and take it all because it seems I’m destined to fall. Disparage me and make the call. Deep down I know it’s not my fault. I’m not to blame. How could I ever have asked for this? So do your worst, I’ll stand up tall. And I’ll never feel guilty at all!” The plaintiff’s lawyer claims “It’s clear she instigated it. Sprits of chanel and her cherry lipstick. Used to tempt us with her smile over promiscuous dissident. Harlot’s calamity. Order the penalty now! Give her what she deserves She lured him in with provocative beauty. She’s done it before and she’ll do it again. Trust me!” Christine helplessly argues “You’re all so blind. How can’t you see? His argument’s enormity. I’ve lost my faith in society. How could you do this to me? I will wake up, I will fight. Back to reality. I will prevail or I will die” The plaintiff’s lawyer shares his doubt “I’d like to see you try. What a shame, I hope you said your goodbyes. Lock the cage, throw away the key. Settle in because you’ll never be leaving” Christine realizes “You’re all so sick, but now I see. This horrid dream is all just me blaming myself for this tragedy but now I see it clearly” The judge give the sentence that she is guilty of all charges and is falsely accused (The Judged). As she exits the court room and goes home. She thinks to herself that she will not break. She isn’t dead yet, she wont let her husband drag her down and will never let another person rule over her again. She tells herself that she will overcome all her fears (How the Mighty Mock the Weak). She falls asleep for the next day but has another dream this time its not a nightmare but these are dreams of her being in control and her controlling her husband. She cuts, slices, watches the blood drip down his arm just for the rush. He’s confused. What will he do? She crys out “I’ll string you up. Make you my puppet. Hook in your arms and legs my special marionette!” This dream makes her feel better that she is taking revenge on the torment that her husband gave her. She then takes a knife and slices his throat. She then wakes up from the dream and understands what her next move is (Marionette). She goes to her husbands house un-noticed. While sneaking around she thinks to herself “Could pulverize, I could punish him, Mutilate him like in my dreams Or should I make my great escape? Just take my son and run away” she debates in her mind weather or not to kill him or just take her son and run away. She in the end decides to take her son and runs away with him to start a new life (Tear Me Apart)

The Negative
This is about a photographer who feels a strong sense of purpose. He feels his purpose is to capture what he calls “moments of truth” which are completely unfiltered, unedited, natural moments. He wants to capture these moments and preserve them so people can remember what “real life” looks like among the plethora of inauthenticity. When developing one day he sees a vision of a parallel universe colliding with our universe in one of his photo negatives. He doesn’t know when or what is going to happen exactly once it collides, but he knows it’s going to be soon and he begins to wildly speculate on all of the horrifying possibilities. He carries this knowledge on his own out of fear of the world thinking he has gone mad. Has he gone mad? Is the universe doomed, or is this all in his head? There isnt that much story on this as its only one track.

This was fun creating and putting together i figured it would do some good to show some of the story elements of this band. My favorite album is the incubus because it combines super amazing storytelling while also with having some tracks that i mentally relate to with “Maze in your mind” and “Bury my burdens” These both tie into the story and have a deep meaning and significance for me. All the albums are good as a whole and show the realty on how fked up the world can be. Some of these topic are pretty sensitive to talk about but if anyone has any opinions of that i would use “Real talk” in the discord chat for this. I hope everyone enjoyed these stories please support the band. They are touring and active. I cannot wait to see what the next album will be.

I think Come Clarity contains some good tracks, but this is easily the best In Flames have sounded since Clayman. Good to see them grab some inspiration from their mid-to-late 90’s work, as well as At the Gates and similar melodic death metal from 95-99. Hopefully the rest of the album sounds more like State of Slow Decay and Foregone Pt. 1, than The Great Deceiver which is far from as good. But it feels weird as fuck looking forward to a new In Flames album. I’ve enver actually looked forward to an In Flames album, as they had started sucking before I got into them.

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I suck at writing reviews so i wont write anything proper, but i gave a try to the latest album from The Devil Wears Prada.

The cover somehow made me expect heavier music than it turned out to be. But the whole album sounded good, probably gonna give it some more spins.

Also watching an MV after listening the whole album without having a glue as to how the bands looks like feels surprisingly weird. :joy: :upside_down_face:

All over i try to give some more american metalcore bands a try, partially because i dont wanna be always the weirdo who knows only japanese bands :sweat_smile:

I forgot how inhuman Infant Annihilator is, whether it be Dickie’s vocals from the pits of hell or Aaron’s ridiculous drumming that sounds like a 2x recording at times.

Scumfuck’s Ruthless Aggression is my new guilty pleasure. Dickie has surpassed himself again somehow. To be a debut album it’s very good and I usually can’t stand Brutal Death Metal.

Just discovered that there’s a new business in the old Helvette building. Hopefully it’ll still be there if I ever get over to Norway. I’m glad it’s not just an abandoned building anymore.

At this rate they’re gonna release the whole album before it even comes out.

Six left. They also seem to be releasing each new song for Apple Music too.

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