Visual Kei in other media

Takanori Nishikawa from T.M. Revolution, who started his career in VK band Luis-Mary, will reprise his role as Takanori Nishiyama in B-Project -NetsuretsuLove Call- (B-PROJECT: PassionateLove Call), the franchise’s third anime season. Nishikawa also serves as executive producer of the franchise, and he previously played this role (which is modeled after him with a costume similar to what T.M. Revolution himself wore in his “Phantom Pain” music video) in the first anime season.

This dude is by far the VK-related artist with the most contributions/appearances in other media such as anime and games. Check his wikipedia page for more deets.


Here comes another tacky ass project from YOSHIKI, which still counts as Visual Kei in other media, so…

For those of you not in the know, this documentary full of his usual BS, a.k.a milking hide’s death to this day, apart from his broken english and so on. The difference is that The Chainsmokers (USA), St. Vincent (USA), Sarah Brightman (England), Scorpions (Germany), HYDE (Japan), SUGIZO (Japan), SixTONES (Japan), Jane Zhang (China), Lindsey Stirling (USA), Nicole Scherzinger (USA), and more have joined him this time.

Anyway, during the premiere HYDE announced he has released his own organic ultra-premium vodka “PSYCHO LOVE”. It is produced in the USA and will be sold in the fall of 2023 in Japan. According to Natalie "“PSYCHO LOVE” is a vodka produced in the United States that is USDA organic certified. Organic wheat grown by farmers in Idaho and water pumped from a protected aquifer deep beneath the Snake River Plain, home to Yellowstone National Park. It is a product made from raw materials, and was supervised by HYDE with the aim of making it ``Japan’s most easy-to-drink vodka.‘’

The price is set at 4,290 yen, making it easy to obtain. It can be mixed with a variety of ingredients, but HYDE enjoys mixing it with soda and lime. Cocktail recipes will be posted on the official website of “PSYCHO LOVE” at a later date.‘’

This ain’t the 1st time HYDE has supervised the production of a drink, tough, as there is another one available here.



2 more MAGATSU NOTE vids, this time with dudes from ZOMBIE, ザアザア(xaa-xaa), 零(zero)[Hz],vistlip,摩天楼オペラ(matenrou opera), RAZOR & CREATURE CREATURE:


does this count?

she said she loves “visual bands” in the anime…

just happened to watch this today.


The new manga about being visual kei bands fan when you’re an adult.


Interesting. This artist seems to specialize in VK content, eh? She wrote 2 other mangas about VK (Days of Bangal/バンギャルちゃんの日常& Bangal-chan no Chousen/バンギャルちゃんの挑戦).
Too bad I couldn’t find much info about her online, much less translations of her work, which’s too bad, cuz I’d really like to read it. It’s exactly what I wanna read about it, as it seems to chronicle the VK scene from the POV of a fan. She even describes how furitsuke works and has some glossary stuff as well as parodies of many artists from the scene. Looks great. Some of her work is avaliable here. Would be great if someone could ranslate it. It even got recomended by Rockin’ Mama. She’s one of the main responbibles for VK’s popularity, alongside Visual Kei Oyaji, specially in the 90s.

While looking it up I found some other VK-related manga:

Tamiko to Visual kei to (民子とヴィジュアル系と。)
47-sai, V-kei (47歳、V系)
The himitsu no bangyaru-chan (the秘密のバンギャルちゃん)
The Working Slave And High School Girls With Visual Kei (社畜とjkとヴィジュアル系)
Bangya Loop (バンギャループ)
Hanamuko wa Visual kei (花婿はヴィジュアル系)
Layla’s Guardian is Bandman (レイラの保護者はバンドマン)
V-kei joshi to bandoman (v系女子とバンドマン)
In the End~最果ての二人~
Ren kote V-kei bandman × yancha neko no Iku neko funtō-ki (秋田 ペット漫画 れんコテ V系バンドマン やんちゃネコの育猫奮闘記 ペット-this one features the members of THE BLACK SWAN and is based on the life of their drummer-
Bangal A Go Go (バンギャル ア ゴーゴー)
OL Visual Kei (OLヴィジュアル系) a.k.a. O.L.B.B. (Office Lady Beauty Battle) - This one seems to have VK in name only, tough, as it even got a dorama that never shows anything related to VK at all.

There are also some hentai manga depcting VK artists and gyarus:

Yumemiru BanGal (ゆめ見るバンギャル)
Bangyakko! ~Visual Kei Keijiban no Ura Jijou~ (バンギャっ娘!~ビジュアル系掲示板の裏事情~)

and on an unrelated note, but still relevant to this topic, yesterday YOSHIKI Became First Japanese Artist to be Immortalized in Cement at TCL Chinese Theatre: