What are you reading?

The ending of the third book could be different, but I really love the concepts too.

Murder in the Crooked House by Soji Shimada, Man by Keiichiro Hirano, Lady Joker by Kaoru Takamura and the Way of the Househusband manga.

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Is the Way of the Househusband good? I’m kind of interested in it.

absolutely love liu cixin’s work, especially his short stories

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I read only what was traslated in my language. I read Ball lightning and Supernova era. With the trilogy these were the only ones translated so far.
Hopefully they will translate more.
Ball lightning was the weakest one for me. I didn’t like the pacing of it that much.

im reading Sekai ichi Hatsukoi (yaoi) my fav. just order vol 14. i have allready read it but i like to sipport the mangaka. I also “read” Blame!, allthou its more of looking at the pictures XD
(few conversations actually… ‘_’ )


The manga is great, the anime is stylized like the manga and the live action is the best of all Gokushufudou properties.

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Blame! is great. I recently read Abara, by the same author. I definitely recommend it. It is shorter than Blame!, but equally amazing.

Thanks, will check it out ^^
I started read BLAME! last year, then i got busy at uni so i had no time to read and i need to refresh my memory cuz i wanna continue read it this summer. the artwork is so amazing so i would really like to see his other stuff ^^

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Right now I’m reading Grappler Baki. It is janky as hell, but so far I love it.

I finished Robert McCammon’s Boy’s Life last night and I’m a sucker for coming-of-age novels. Despite not knowing this existed in my youth, it made me cry three times and is now probably my favorite novel of all time! It has a little of everything and the chapters, while following a linear timeline, delve into horror, mystery, slasher, romance (kinda, more like teenage lust), and supernatural. It’s phenomenal. I found a copy at a local used paperback store and having a well-loved partially destroyed copy enhanced the experience.

I have a first three volumes book of Vinland Saga I need to start and need to finish the Gokushufudo live action so I can read the manga piling up as well as the first volume of Shaman King for nostalgia.