What video games are you playing?

Just started my 7th Sekiro playthrough, aiming for attack power 99 in the next one. I find unlocking all the achievements not too difficult because there’s no insane challenge and they’re pretty straightforward to do if you’re a completionist.

I can now beat all the bosses in just one or two attempts. However, the only mini boss that I’m terrified to fight most is Armored Warrior because sometimes it takes several attempts to kick him off the bridge properly as he is invincible lol.

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I’ve been playing “Ikemen Kakumei: Alice to Koi no Mahou”. I’d never played an otome game before, and I wanted to try it. I usually binge read/play whenever I start something new, so it’s kind of helpful that you can only read one chapter a day. I don’t like that it forces you to choose a route right from the beginning though. With this kind of thing it’s usually more fun to whittle your options down as you get to know each guy.

Lol, I ended up picking the Mad Hatter, who is like a suave adult man who is constantly rescuing her at night but transforms into a 13 year-old boy that’s constantly calling her an idiot by day, and the whole time the girl is like “They look so similar! But it couldn’t be?! They must be cousins!” and I want to slap her.

I’m not wild about the shota aspect (thankfully, she’s like “this could be a romantic situation, but it doesn’t really feel that way since he’s just a kid” during the day), but in both forms he’s kind of an eccentric, bratty tsundere, and that’s the best type of anime man, IMO, so I feel like I picked the right route.



Back into the fray with Destiny 2… Got a lotta catchin’ up to do even though I only stopped playing for 2 months.

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Been hearing some buzz around Sable so started it on gamrpass tonight. It’s pretty great. Lovely art style with relaxing exploration. And Japanese Breakfast doing the soundtrack is the cherry on top.

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Finished playing The Last of Us Pt 2. It nearly destroyed me. Like damn, it might be the darkest game I’ve played. I actually ended up really liking it though. I know a lot of fans really hated Abby but I ended up liking her.

I hate that this is how the story evolved but I also really like what they tried and found it really interesting.

*I’ve been to the real building this level is based off of so many times. Being from Seattle, it was a blast seeing so many familiar monuments.

Literally me every 5 minutes


Wrapped up Psychonauts 2 last night and really enjoyed it. The art direction was something else and they did an amazing job linking characters mental states with the environments, enemy designs, game mechanics and music.

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I’ve been living in Yakuza hell since 2020 December. I started with Like a Dragon and then moved back to chronologically start at 0. Went through Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2, and now I am slowly wrapping up Yakuza 3. It’s technically the oldest game of the bunch (since Kiwamis are expanded full remakes of original PS2 era games, but the PS3 era games haven’t received that treatment yet) and you can definitely feel that haha.

While the story got me super invested, the gameplay is kind of clunky (save me from the chase scenes) and unpolished (first time we get to manage a cabaret club, but it’s nowhere close as fun as in 0 or k2). Also god the bosses blocking everything turns the bossfights into slogfest. But despite that I’m really enjoying it. (Loving Rikiya, my precious boy)

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I just started Attack on Titan Final Battle 2 for the switch. It’s fun, but some of the missions are ridiculously hard for no reason. And the controls are repetitive.

Other than that been working on BOTW champions ballad, and Mario Odyssey.

Finally beat Returnal. Was trying to get past the third boss but ended up having a really good run and played for like 4 hours straight until the end. Really recommend this game especially with a pair of headphones. The boss fights are awesome. While the gameplay is the bread and butter, the cosmic horror element in the story was very captivating.

I’ve been depressed to no end and am completely exhausted with my current backcatalog of games on my PS5 and Switch so I decided to download a game called Sky from thatgamecompany. The creators of games like flOw, Flower, and Journey.

It’s a casual chill MMO for mobile and Switch. It’s too addicting. You just fly around and collect spirits and wings (which are essentially how you level up and unlock emotes, skins, etc.).

This game put a little smile on my face and has helped calm my nerves. No reason as to why I should be down… just happened all of a sudden a couple weeks ago. But this game has pretty much cured my depression :sob: The community is absolutely the kindest i’ve ever experienced in an online game. Their Facebook group page is nothing but innocence and purity.

I highly recommend it as it’s a completely 180 from my normal run-n-gun, action, fighting games I normally play (I stopped all progress on my Far Cry 6 just to collect my “dailies” in Sky. Ugh.) If you liked the game Journey, this is basically it. But a more “social” and “online” version.


Halfway through God of War 2018. The visuals are stunning and the combat is meaty. It plays so different and yet still feels like a God of War game. Awesome how they were able to modernize everything.

Also, can’t wait for the sequal where Kratos ends up in the land of Duloc

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Been into Far Cry 6 this week :slight_smile: First time trying a Far Cry. Loving it ^^

Monster Hunter:Rise is fun but I’m still at the point where my buddies are more useful than I am at combat 🥲

i also spent more time gathering than hunting smh

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Far Cry 6, Octopath Traveler, Red Dead Online, Final Fantasy Tactics…

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