What video games are you playing?

So after a month I’m all caught up on the dub, sub, and manga when it comes to ONE PIECE and I’ve been grinding and finally unlocked Kizaru in ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors 4 and he’s ridiculously fast just like in the show. Next is Shanks and Blackbeard. It’s the perfect switch lite game.

Sounds pretty consistent with the original.

I haven’t played it on Wii U so can’t compare to the OG, but it feels worse than the PS2 games. It’s like they tried to emulate “realistic” movements but that instead made the characters feel stilted and unnatural.

Picked up Elden Ring again. Making it through pretty comfortably. I think my favorite boss so far is the Dragonkin Soldier in Ainswell. That fight was awesome. Whole game looks great visually too. A lot of “ahh. ooo” environments.


More mini-golf games :golfing_man: . Different flavor compared to What the Golf?, but just as excellent with its more ambient, atmospheric approach (still retains some out-of-the-box concepts.) If you haven’t played either, purchase both during a Steam sale and play them back-to-back.

I’ve also been playing Sonic Adventure with BetterSADX. Rather than playing, it’s more like I’m testing out Any% speedrun tricks, many of which are surprisingly easy to execute. I actually vaguely experimented with some of this when I was 8 on the GameCube after learning that Chao Garden homing attack OOB glitch for SA2B which set off my love for game glitches, but that’s another story.


Which version are you playing? I’ve heard the PS4 version performs better than the PS5 one, so I’ve never made the upgrade on my system


God hand, lots of fun


Playing the PS5 version. Honestly, the performance and pop-in haven’t bothered me at all. But I have a high tolerance for that kind of stuff since I still regularly play PS1/PS2 games. So 15 fps is still my norm (lol).

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finished with Elden Ring last weekend(kind of, still have to beat the last boss but will wait until the DLC is out) and have to admit it turned out to be better than i expected. not as enjoyable as other DS games or Sekiro but still slightly better than Bloodborne. the visuals and wolrd design is simply amazing, 10/10. on the other hand, enemies variety and 90% of the bosses were really meh. also those drearily monotonic catacombs/caves, ugh, what a waste of time they all were.

now i’m considering whether i should give another try to The Witcher 3. i tried it twice in the past year for about 4 hours total, but damn Geralt’s mechanics/movements are so fucking awkward i’m feeling like i’m forcing both myself and Geralt to play and none of us wants it. not very fond of enemies that are based on local folklore either. nor do i like endless dialogues there. anyway, i’ll probably give it another 2 hours of gameplay and if it won’t work then it’s just not for me. after that it’ll be Nioh 2 time, baby

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I started Marvel Spiderman its fun swinging web spidey has always been my favourit superhero

I spent about fifteen minutes in Tears of the Kingdom toiling to build a boat and piloting it deep into a watery cave. Then I accidentally smacked my boat, made it explode, and drowned right there. An accurate microcosm for my experience with the game so far

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Just completed Tears of the Kingdom with all “major” sidequests and just need to wrap up 20~30 of the shrines. This game has pretty much occupied all my free time since release, and for good reason. Minus some of the temple-related gripes (still favor the more expansive, labyrinthine style of the former titles), this improved on Breath of the Wild in every aspect imbuing the open-world Zelda format with a narrative liveliness and breadth of new gameplay mechanics that was much needed and exceeded all expectations. Easily makes it in my Top 5 games of all time :clap: :clap: :clap:.

Spoilery Bits

Lurelin Restoration, getting the band back together, Lucky Clover Gazette, and Yiga sidequests are must-dos. I also wasn’t expecting to wrap up this game “completing Exodia” so I could participate in robot boxing, lmao. The true ending was so cute :sob: .

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Last weekend I dug out my DS lite and figured I’d start MegaMan Starforce Pegasus from the beginning again (I have played it before, but got stuck with an enemy I couldn’t defeat and then lost interest so I never finished it :sweat_smile: )
Wish me luck, I’m only going to be able to play it on my days off so there’s a huge risk of me losing interest again…


I’m playing Final Fantasy X HD remaster and Persona 5. I’ve never had a home console or a powerful PC, so being able to play “big” games on my switch is great.

Persona 5 is going pretty fine, but some temple puzzles and certain bosses in FFX really tripped me up xD


I have been playing some Mario Kart 7 recently


Finished Echo Night Beyond today. Very fun horror adventure game (in space!). For PS2 the graphics are quite impressive. The sound and visuals make for an incredibly immersive experience. And this game has one of the most haunting and gripping intros to any game to date.

There’s a lot of cool mechanics like having to get rid of fog by activating ventaliation systems to make ghosts non-hostile, and you can monitor hostile ghost patterns and look for clues using camera monitoring rooms.

Some of the puzzles are whack though that caused endless frustration and had me look them up. Still, a solid entry and, i guess, bookend to the echo night series. Wish FromSoft would bring this series back!


Playing Folklore on Playstation 3. It’s a decently fun game with a lot of charm. Story is nothing special, but it’s got a lot of character.

The combat is clunky but works well enough. The meat of the game is collecting the spirits of the enemies you’ve killed and using their abilities. There’s a pretty good variety but a lot of abilities are somewhat similar.

This ALMOST hits hidden gem territory for me, but it’s honestly a bit of a drag to play through and the gameplay starts feeling stale midway through. A couple things I will praise are the awesome boss battles and creative use of the dualshock 3. Flicking your controller up to catch spirits is really satisfying. And the boss battles are designed so you have to use all different kinds of monsters to defeat it.

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I am going to expose myself as an absolute garbage amateur gamer, but I’ve now played Megaman Starforce for 11,5h (plus however long I spent on it the first time I tried it) and I’ve only just now figured out how to change my battle cards :woman_facepalming: Well at least now I can make some actual progress

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Final Fantasy XVI is a weird game that I have strong feelings about in many directions.

I’m not too deep in, only around where the special combat episode from the demo ended. Enjoying it & excited to keep going. It feels premature to either gush or gripe yet, but I could certainly do both if I wanted to.