Where in The World is Yoshiki?

yeah this is basically where I’m at haha


The way I read that tweet, it almost came across that he just learned of the news.

He was quick to post a message about the passing of other musical celebrities almost the same or next day like David Bowie - maybe Prince, I forget who else. But for Sakurai - 4 days later?


It makes no sense that he didn’t mention it unless he was simply too busy with his tour to even catch the news.

A more cynical view is that his LA wannabe-model assistants aren’t following the Japanese music scene to keep him updated because they’re too busy scrolling through endless google alerts for any mention of ‘Yoshiki’.


Weird that my first post here in ages is gonna be on the “Where In The World Is Yoshiki” topic, must be my favorite topic, lol

Soo Yoshitty and all that but it’s also true that they weren’t friends isn’t it? Yoshiki made a point of calling him an “acquaintance” in the tweet, probably addressing the ppl who were reblogging that photoshoot they did in 1990 as if it had been taken today going “OMG YOU WERE FRIENDS WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING” . My personal belief, and this is just a wild guess but the first thought that came to mind was how did BT act during hide memorial and I am not sure since I wasn’t there lol, but I do remember an interview that seemed like … they had a hard time explaining in 1998 that yes famous vk guitarrist hide passed away no that wasn’t our Hide yaddayadda, and perhaps because of that they didn’t get too involved? I know they have been in the memorials and stuff but I don’t know the details. Anyways, my impression has always been that they didn’t bow down as much as other bands did, even because they were not that younger as a band and also because they’ve always kinda stayed in their lane it seems to me (like not mingling with other vk bands as much as everyone and having other influences) .

In short my opinion is that it’s very likely that Yoshiki is 1) petty and 2) attention seeker (didn’t we all know these already) people are giving him attention and its keikaku doori. Maybeee I am just sharing this because I am tired of seeing other ppl shit on others’ ways of grieving latelyyy … maybe.

better tweet from yoshiki about atsushi

I do believe he only tweeted about it once he heard the news, but the important thing (for me, at least) is that he said something - how public he wants to be with his grief is of course up to him and we should respect that

I think he should tweet that first at all and not that another tweet + self promotion.


I heard if someone sings your song on karaoke in Japan, you get royalities. Is that what Yoshiki is living the nice life on right now? His recent music projects cant have been that succesfull.

Yeah, that’s true.
Golden Bomber released Memeshikute in 2009 and it has a record of being in the 1 stop consecutively for 51 or so weeks
Kiryuuin Shou says he made abt 800k from royalties, mostly from Karaoke


everyone who got big in the CD era was settled for life and some off sales alone + investing those in some capacity, and yoshiki had both X and ecstasy records’ signed bands raking in cash for him.

toshi blew his fortune in a religious sect and would be the one needing karaoke coin now.




This is on the border of being a Scarf Lady-tier event in the Yoshiki canon


do we think she provided the bigiddy-bigiddy vocal part in ~The Paris Mix~ of the TLRS debut release?


The man who knows the emperor, the queen of England and nearly every major celebrity obviously knows that family as much time he spends in New York. I’m more shocked she travels to LA for drum lessons and when the hell is he even home to do it?

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Exclusive interview with YOSHIKI about the death of HEATH


I hope he didnt ask to get paid for it.

Interesting read! This particular Yahoo article is less of an ‘interview’ and just a recap of Yoshiki’s members only birthday livestream. The livestream itself was marketed as an exclusive interview (exclusive to this Youtube channel stream lol)

Time for another funeral. YOSHIKI might as well live in mourning clothes at this point. His manager died.