Which disbandment/hiatus hit you the hardest?



yeah that’s it


D.I.D.'s Hiatus spiraling into eventual disbandment ruined me. I miss akane so much, i’d happily listen to him re-record his entire music career for the rest of my life it it means hearing those angelic ass high notes and those “HNRRRGNNNNNNNGNNNNNNNNGGGGGG” ass harsh vocals. I remember crying at work for a while when llll-Ligro- disbanded from the sheer disappointment. llll-Ligro- is just something that physically hurts, especially knowing Hinata was the main composer for the band, they had just returned and then just as quickly combusted spontaneously and blew up. One thing that separates Hinata and Akane though is there is some inkling of hope that he…and by he I mean Akane, will return one day. Hinata is just, well you know, no hope in that department. Gonna miss that buttery baritone voice of yours king. And Noulla…Dude it’s just not cool what happened to Noulla.


llll-Ligro for me too. It hurts extra hard when bands break up at their peak and the 3 songs they released just before breaking up were some of the best vk songs released at the time.
Kuroyuri to Kage and Rentrer En Soi had really good final releases that had me really wanting more.
Kagrra too. Isshi’s death shortly after made it extra sad as well.

And though I didn’t listen to them at the time, I really would have liked for Malice Mizer to have made one final album because their last few singles were really nice and I feel that Moi Dix Mois could never fill the hole they left


The hardest as in “I did not see it coming” where probably Girugamesh, Varyl and Grieva.
As for “Oh shit no” definitely Daisuke to kuro no injatachi because you know why…

I´ve also been missing D.I.D. alot but since we could see how hard they had it and how they just faded away without a real statement it didn´t hit me that hard. But yeah, whenever I listen to their songs I wish they´d come back.


AvelCain, mostly because it was a band that I was (am) emotionally attached to and feel like I’ve never gotten to properly enjoy them before the disband

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There’s many, but I particularly remember being sad over Aicle since I really loved their craziness and chaotic music. They were quite unique and I still listen to them regularly. Oh, how I wish they were still around…

Megaromania and Lin hit me pretty hard too. And goddamn Nazare.


for me have to be gyakushuunojisakujienya , i love scarlett also but to see them end back in 2019 sucked i expected them to continue but ghey ended before pandemic happened …i big fan of gins vocals and the energy and fun they have while playing . unmatchable. songs and videos great i just cant explain enough but yeah sucks to see the band ended with just a thanks for support and form there no other posts of gin either

I’ve never been hurt by a disbandment until GOSSIP announced theirs ((but we all had a feeling they’d return, yet at the same time…)). I bawled like a baby TWICE at their last two day live. And it’s so rare for me to cry. Ooof.

Then the bastards came back months later as NICOLAS :sob:

((big rip to them again. because i miss gossip so damn much. Nicolas is nice but… it isn’t the TRASHHH i originally signed up for))

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Most of my favourite bands who disbanded or went on hiatus did so before I got into them (and, oddly enough, I’d say almost all of have come back at this point - metronome, PLC, ELLEGARDEN and SBK randomly coming back brought the percentage up pretty high recently).

Since that tends to be the case with a lot of the bands I like, while this isn’t exactly an answer to the question, I’d say it’s more when a reunion becomes 100% impossible that I start getting down.

Abe Futoshi from THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT passed away right around when I was really falling in love with them. I think that was the one that really got to me.

I really wanted to see them get back together at least once.

Malice Mizer for sure

it didn’t help that they kept hyping up their next album that never happened. that was just rude

Deadman is in second place

I really wish to see R-Shitei again.
also I wish Dead Children would have at least released one full album before disbanding.


For me probably -Oz-, Girugamesh, Deluhi, D’espairsRay and ‘recently’ Dadaroma

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Yeah the Dead Children Disband was tragic.
They were so great :sob:

Also Lycaon, AvelCain, Aliene Ma’riage/Insanity Injection. ;;


Kagerou, Kyokutou Girl Friend, Girugamesh, and Deluhi were crushing losses. Aikaryu, as well.


AvelCain really should have stayed longer.
they were a great band, I really wish we would had some more releases from them and see them evolving.


I’ve been away from the scene and music for over 10 years so I’m not up to speed on what bands are active and who have disbanded.

The bands I remember liking a lot and being sad that they disbanded:
D’espairsRay, wow this band was super popular, I even did a show with them and an after show and late party. Fun times and awesome music.
Kagerou, hit me hard. I was at the last Live in Tokyo.
Rentrer en Soi, unusual band and music, but I liked it a lot personally.
Malice Mizer, one of the first bands to lure me into VK, they were all ready disbanded when I started to listen.
Probably many more, my memory needs to freshen up…


Nazare because they were doing well and Mio’s withdrawal was completely unexpected


For me Mejibray, they were my favorite band so I was very sad when they announced “hiatus” (I don’t think they will come back)

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