Yoshiki is on the front page top news on Yahoo Japan today!

It can be translated to “Completely devastated”.
Do you guys think he will use Heath’s death? :roll_eyes:

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Today X Japan officially went on record to announce Heath’s passing and share their comments which is why this news is blowing up again. In accordance with Heath’s wishes, Yoshiki will be in charge of his memorial concert. I am by no means a Yoshiki stan and agree he is a controversial figure but the discourse around what this person should or shouldn’t be doing in the wake of such terrible news is gross.


Yoshiki’s post about this was actually very respectful and more than he owed anyone, frankly (besides HEATH of course) - which is a lot more than can be said about posts like this.

Here’s the post btw. Even as an apologist of his I’m surprised by how graceful this statement was for him.


just read his statement on insta. Man, that was sad. Beautifully written and graceful

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For a few seconds i had the feeling… maybe he asked help to write. btw, it is a nice text and there is truth in the words.

I like to live in a world where I believe YOSHIKI has some genuine thoughts and feelings of his own. I invite others to do the same.


You mean that you find him to be false more than often?

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Happy birthday :birthday:

Who is the “western Yoshiki”? What would you guys say?

Gene Simmons


Gene WISHES he was that pretty

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I would also like to point out that Yoshiki has asserted dominance over Gene by getting him to do the X photo op.


Probably not that hard tbf - just have to pay him enough

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