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Latest package from HMV

Masayoshi Takanaka - The Rainbow Goblins
Masayoshi Takanaka - The White Goblin
Uyama Hiroto - freedom of the son
adieu - adieu 2
Summer Soul - Junk Food/What if I Fall In Love With A.I.


It was a real surprise but I got this book! Crying, Tokyo underground deserves to live forever…


Sewerslvt - The World Is Fvcked


-Kamijo: QUEEN OF VERSAILLES (blu ray ed.)
-Kamijo: Live Concert 2021 -Behind The Mask- (reg. ed.)


took a while, since I waited for the PB stuff, but it has all arrived today, finally :smiley:


小圈子 by 輕描淡寫

Small labels are always fun because they include random extras like pokemon cards.I haven’t collected pokemon cards since 3rd grade!


I bought a txt lightstick a few weeks ago because i thought id be able to go to their tour (plans failed)

Wasted 10k on a auction for a worthless demo tape just because of my piss worth of pride

God I love being an Arab.

10k jpy? That’s pretty normal price for a dt these days tbh

Nonono God forbid a country 3 continents away, I meant from the land of enchantment, the sitting bull.

Forgot to get a picture of my Daemon’s Cutlery LP and Sukekiyo mug, but here’s most of my last Buyee package

Mostly Cali Gari this time, but good gets all around :eyes:


Where’d you get it? I might have to get one eventually.

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I’m not sure they’re sending overseas, but… “CHIRASHI” – Tokyo Punk & New Wave ’78-80s | SLOGAN SHOP

Been waiting to get these in the mail since 1 year ago! Vinyl production delays are crazy right now.

Really nice Japanese indie shoegaze band. They’re called Plastic Girl In Closet and this is a pressing of their album Eye Cue Rew See. I was lucky enough to snag a wax mage variant.

Variants top to bottom: Wax Mage, Citrus Kiss, Tennis Court, Blue Swirl