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@Camera_Obscura Have you listened to it yet? How’s it sound? I can’t imagine the band fronted the money to mix/master this correctly for the format to just give 10 copies away, but I’m still so curious.

I did listen last night! I want to get it transferred properly before I really say, but it certainly doesn’t sound bad. In fact I thought it sounded pretty good, but I don’t know how much of that is a consequence of me usually listening to Vulgar from imperfect files on equipment that isn’t ideal - hell, the speakers I hook my turntable to are far from perfect. A few songs (opener and closer specifically) I need to listen to again because my impression of the sound for those were mixed, but some songs like INCREASE BLUE and R TO THE CORE sounded a little less messy to me than they usually do.

I was curious about it too - I expected poor quality due to it being a novelty item, but it doesn’t have some of the clipping and other nuisances I’ve run into with low-quality modern pressings. I wish we could learn more about the process for it, who’s to say how Dynamite Tommy and friends would approach pressing a vinyl in 2003? Looking forward to ripping it so I can get a better look

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Thanks for sharing. Hope you decide to share your complete thoughts when you get a chance to rip the whole thing.

I know what you mean. A lot of represses are compressed to hell and just sound flat. For some albums I own an original copy and a modern re-issue and 9/10 times, the reissue sounds worse than my OG. It really depends on the label.

Yeah, who knows. My bet is that they just used a really high quality FLAC or something so maybe there is at least an improvement from the CD version.

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Got some presents from friend :face_holding_back_tears::heart:

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I bought my 2 fav mini albums on iTunes but I have no idea how to get them in lossless format do I need an apple device? Do I need apple music? How do you guys do it?

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ITunes provide only an AAC format and it’s not the best idea transcoding lossy to lossless
Just bc u’ll increase only size,not quality
Anyway AAC has a lossless cut even if lossy and even smaller than mp3 so don’t worry at all

Hey but I see people on apple music download like 24 bit albums how does that work? Do I really need an iPhone for that? Or is it just that? A python script online? Maaaaan too much work.

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Oh! I seen that too but I think its some geek stuff :joy:
U can try to tag ”Aeolus” that is a user always up rip like that


With Apple Music you can only stream music via the app and on iTunes you can buy and save up the files and play them on any device that means you don’t really need an iPhone/iMac etc. But for the lossless aspect I mostly get my digital stuff on OTOTOY. There you can choose between a lossy and lossless format. I only buy from the iTunes store if it is unavailable outside of Japan. iTunes only provides AAC (lossy format) though but this is almost close to lossless quality.

We also have a similar thread where you can read further details about it: Buying from Apple Music

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I am the most refined oshare consumer


Basic I knowwww but it was long overdue, also totally forgot gazette are on a uk label…no import fees from these girlies !!!

Gawwwjusss xoxo the studs photo was a freebie <3333



a couple of things from the cdjapan sale


What a waste. Now I need a job and a bank card in Japan just to get music. Maaaaan I thought I could’ve at least payed transmuted currency. Goddamn

For more lossless format music which gets referred to as hi-res and hi-fidelity (hi-fi) available in flac you can also buy from which is owned by Sony Music Japan. I had to start buying there recently because they had some songs my rockstar TK from Ling tosite sigure had just released which I couldn’t find on Ototoy.

I had to look into it and the whole process once you get the hang of it isn’t too complicated. I wrote a blog piece about how to do it.

Japanese Rock Awareness Part 2: Ways to Support

Things you will need: Urban VPN (free VPN) set to Japan, Rakuten Pay account

Even if you live outside of Japan once you link up your account via Rakuten Pay you are set. It pays for you using your linked bank card (accepts both credit/debit). Oh, and I assume you know to use some sort of webpage translation tool when you browse. I suggest a good translator extension while navigating As well as before opening the website make sure by then you have already turned on the VPN. It is really good at detecting your location if you don’t reside within Japan.

Amazon Pay worked for me last time. If that option still is available, it might be a good second option.

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